ATLA — April 2013
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Elizabeth Schulte Roth

Between the Lines

A reader rundown: The latest from three of our savviest Southern writers.

And  en I Found You

By Patti Callahan Henry

THE GIST A graceful fictional work inspired by her sister’s true story of giving up her daughter for adoption and then finding her again via Facebook years later

LIKE THIS, NOT THAT The smart path to a delicious read featuring all of the elements of love, loss and familial tension, without the schmaltzy tones and wistful cries for help à la Nicholas Sparks

INFLUENCED BY Her niece. “I was so overwhelmed with her part of the story. She was so open, so funny and so beautiful.”

FAVORITE LINE After Emily finally meets Kate, her birth mom, and says, “I think my ‘I’m-not-wanted’ button just turned off.”

READING NOW Robert Goodrick’s Heading Out to Wonderful and Charles Martin’s upcoming novel Unwritten But Mama Always Put Vodka in Her Sangria: Adventures in Eating, Drinking, and Making Merry

By Julia Reed

THE GIST Hilarious collection of essays by the former Vogue and The New York Times columnist that cover everything from the perfect Pimm’s Royale to a nostalgic look at glamorous parties of the past

LIKE THIS, NOT THAT Recipes include “real American food,” such as meatloaf from Bill Blass and bullshot from C.Z. Guest, but, most importantly, the tome highlights her family’s and friends’ elegant concoctions of spinach dip and squash casserole. Sorry, Paula Deen, this is authentic Southern flavor served on a silver platter.

INFLUENCED BY Her mother and her mother’s best friend, Anne Ross Gee McGee, who had the flexibility and willingness to entertain. “Most of the time [the two of them] threw parties because their houses were clean and there were flowers on the table.”

FAVORITE LINE “During the many years that I lived in New York, I grew to fear two words above all others: Table talk… it completely shuts down spontaneity and lively debate and, worse, the flow of wine.”

READING NOW Rereading the Chez Panisse cookbook, (“It changed my life”), and The Essential James Beard Cookbook. “There is a glorious picnic with Champagne, and you just want to be there.”

 e Family Mansion

By Anthony Winkler

THE GIST A second son cast out from his family in 1805 must leave England and settle on a Jamaican plantation, where he clings to his gentlemanly upbringing and ultimately falls in love with a slave

LIKE THIS, NOT THAT A riveting social commentary on British nobility forced onto an undeveloped island, this isn’t Robert Crawley meets Bob Marley circa 1800s—although one could imagine Downton Abbey’s Maggie Smith uttering a few of the biting and sarcastic lines throughout this humorous page-turner.

INFLUENCED BY “James Boswell—his writing is very direct and straightforward— and E.M. Forster, who wrote A Passage to India. I always liked a clear style of writing, and he also had a penchant for telling the truth about things as he saw them.”

FAVORITE LINE “No kill donkey ’hood.”

READING NOW This Jamaica-born, Atlanta-based writer is currently reading a book about the Civil War.