ATLA — January 2009
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Danny Bonvissuto

Gala guru Harrison Rohr perfects the art of the party at the new St. Regis

“My perception of myself is that I’m quite boring and not in the know,” says the ruggedly handsome, Porsche-driving, Hugo Boss-wearing 6’5 drink of water that is Harrison Rohr. “But a lot of people would tell you diff erently.” Count us among them. After leaving the Ritz-Carlton Atlanta in 2002 for the Willard Intercontinental in D.C. (where he planned the 2005 inaugural parties and kayaked the Potomac in his spare time), the Charlottesville, Virginia, native was “wooed back” to the ATL in July, this time as the director of catering and convention services for the hotly anticipated St. Regis Atlanta.

Since then, Rohr has been skipping across the top of the city’s social scene like a wellpolished pebble, chatting up the St. Regis’ many amenities (including over 16,000 square feet of function space, a Remède spa and year-round pool deck with putting green) and positioning it as the new “it” destination for weddings and galas—as if it needed any help. “ is is not a hotel for every event,” Rohr says. “ at’s part of the appeal.” On nights that don’t require a tuxedo, Rohr does downtime best in his Morningside bungalow with an independent fi lm (The Boy in the Striped Pajamas) or good book (.. e Ne w Earth by Eckhart Tolle), a cigar and Coldplay on the iPod. And though he claims to be a “reformed bad boy,” Rohr still hasn’t completely left his wild side behind. “I’ve never told anybody this, but I love the idea of throwing on jeans and a T-shirt, hopping on a motorcycle and riding all day,” he says. “I keep threatening to buy one and just haven’t done it yet.”