MIAM — February 2012
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Natasha Mnemonic

If Natasha Tsakos gets her way, her next staged exploit will take place on the moon. Makes sense, considering Tsakos’ “technoformances,” a term she coined, can only be described as otherworldly. In this new art discipline, the accomplished performance artist marries her inventive virtual world with sociological messages projected around her in 3-D animation with electric sound and movement. “Think Hans Rosling meets Michael Jackson dancing to Daft Punk,” she says. Tsakos’ latest, OMEN, premiering Feb. 1-12 at the Light Box at Goldman Warehouse as part of the Here & Now festival, is based on her experiences at the 2009 TED Conference, a “brain spa” of sorts for multimedia types like her. What can viewers expect? “I’m taking you through 5 billion years of human history in 15 minutes as seen through one character… who’s lost his head.” Out of this world is right. Miamilightproject.com –Anetta Nowosielska

Stark Contrast

Intriguing installations are nothing new at MOCA, but come Feb. 25 the museum is in for artistic splendor of a di erent sort. Event producer extraordinaire David Stark is overseeing the design of the museum’s 15th anniversary gala. Stark, who worked on the design for last year’s American Friends of the Israel Museum Gala and the Cooper- Hewitt’s National Design Awards, will be drawing from MOCA’s vast archive to develop the celebration’s décor: More than 20,000 squares of paper (from MOCA’s catalogues, invitations, reviews and more) will be used as psychedelic neon shades on lighting fixtures and to colorfully mask gallery walls. “It’s less about ‘decorating’ and more about celebrating the visual history of the institution in a radical way,” says the designer of his very first Miami event. We are denitely saving the date. –Chadner Navarro

Pretty in Pink Bubbles alert! Moët & Chandon invites you to put your love in writing with its Valentine’s gift box, which comes with a bottle of Rosé Imperial and a custom marker for you to personalize it. Conceived in collaboration with Parisian graffitiartist André, the kit is the next best thing to a lipstick “I Love You” on the bathroom mirror. $100. Moet.com –Michael Muzquiz

Altered States

No stranger to the theater, Kathleen Turner makes her Fort Lauderdale stage debut this month with the national tour of High (Feb. 29-March 4) at The Parker Playhouse (707 N.E. Eighth St., 954. 462.0222). We caught up with the smoky-voiced Tony and Oscar nominee to see what we can expect at curtain call.

What attracted you to this role? She’s a foulmouthed, recovering alcoholic nun in a Catholic rehabilitation center working with a 19-year-old male prostitute who’s a meth addict. Heavy stuff, huh? It’s not your drawing room comedy, nope. You’ve been very candid about your own substance abuse troubles in the past… Yes, I was abusing alcohol when I was in the worst of my rheumatoid arthritis. Did you draw from that experience to create this character? I suppose, yes, the way you draw from all knowledge and experiences. Was that difficult? If anything, I think it made me feel incredibly blessed that my life didn’t go down that road, because at one point it was a real possibility. You get to curse a great deal in this play, don’t you? Oh, yes and it’s a lot of fun. A little shock value to kick ’em, you know? And we also hear there’s nudity. Are we in for a surprise from you? No, no, darling, I’m much too old for that. It’s our young man, Evan Jonigkeit, my co-star, carrying the nudity this time, thank you very much. Been there, done that. –Luis R. Rigual

Roamin’ Holiday Touring Wynwood’s riches of art venues can be daunting, so get a helmet and hop onto a shiny new Vespa! Started by three best friends, Roam Rides offers “Graffiti Tours” that wind through the largest collection of street art installations in the country (yes, it’s here). The two-hour excursions include six to seven featured stops, lectures on the history of graffiti and its big names, and lunch at Wynwood favorite Morgan’s. Led by local artists, the tours offer the ultimate insider viewpoint and directly support works-in-progress. It’s as good as if the walls themselves could talk. Roamrides.com –Margit Bisztray

On the Right Foot

Miami claims a budding Manolo Blahnik. Adam Sirak, a graduate of Palmetto Senior High and UM, has launched a women’s shoe collection that has Magic City written all over it. “It captures the lines of Constantin Brancusi’s seminal series, Bird in Space, [and the work of Morris Lapidus],” says the designer, now based in New York. “ e collection was based on their  ctional meeting.” A dozen spring styles made in Brazil (retailing between $285 and $525) include the 32-year-old’s favorite, the Luz gold bootie. Miami is never far from Sirak’s mind, whether it’s the city’s intoxicating clash of cultures or Technicolor sunsets, and he visits often to catch snapper and art exhibits.  e only thing missing now is a local boutique, which begs the question: What is he waiting for? “It’s my hometown,” he says. “So I have to be very selective.” sirak.com –Rebecca Kleinman

FINE LINE Lighten Up! February marks the launch of luxury skincare leader La Prairie’s latest: The White Caviar Illuminating Systéme, a trio of super-luxe serums for the skin and eyes. The Swiss cosmetics giant infused these winter-ready formulas with caviar extract to attack, then prevent, unsightly age spots and discoloration, helping you save face until spring arrives. $350 for 0.68 oz. At Bloomingdale’s –Beth Weitzman

Wine Aficionado

How does Mark Tobin, a power attorney from Miami, end up making wine in Long Island? With love, patience and a lot of frequent-flier miles. Six years ago, Tobin purchased an existing Southold winery and re-christened it Mattebella, a sustainable and organic vineyard now managed by his Long Island-raised wife Christine. Today the label can be found everywhere from Jean Georges and Gotham Bar and Grill in Manhattan to Michael’s Genuine right here in Miami. We asked the unabashed oenophile (email screen name: imawino) for his top vino picks. –A

Cupid’s Domain

Forget red. In Miami, we like our valentines with a little more punch. Think surf. Think citrus. Think sexy and we’re yours. –Niaomi Eisenstadt


Thinking Ahead Plastic surgeon Dr. Leonard Tachmes goes beyond the beauty beat with his latest o ering: His Miami Beach Plastic Surgery Center and MedSpa has partnered up with Genesis Biosystems for South Florida’s  first foray into stem cell tissue cryopreservation. During liposuction, fat is harvested and preserved for future cosmetic procedures and medical treatments. Patients can even schedule a quick fat removal for stem cell purposes only. “It’s the future of plastic surgery,” says Tachmes. “Stem cell extraction has been around for years. What’s new is applying it to cosmetic needs.” Aside from enhancing the body, these reserves aid medical issues ranging from bladder control to joint deterioration. Plastic surgery gets proactive. We like it. Tachmesmd.com –RK

Designs on Dubai

When the time came to find a designer with a  air for theatrics to create Dubai’s Cirque du Soir nightclub, the powers that be at Pragma Group looked to the West—Miami speci cally—and tapped Stephane Dupoux for the job. Known around the world for its anything-goesunder- the-big-top approach to nightlife (snake tamers, go-go dancers, magicians and the like), Cirque du Soir is exactly the type of establishment Dupoux enjoys sprinkling his magic dust on. “I take pleasure in these type of projects because they are filled with whimsy,” says the Frenchman who’s put his touch on Miami party spots Pearl, Nikki Beach and the now-defunct Touch. “Cirque du Soir de thes conventional notions of what a nightclub is. And I really like those out-of-the-box ideas.” One such idea might be coming to Miami sooner than we think. “We’ve talked about bringing the concept to the U.S. and Miami might as well be it,” adds Dupoux. “Having it in the sexiest city on the planet would certainly bring a difierent meaning to the phrase ‘Greatest Show on Earth.’” –AN

A Chicer You

As the in-house designer for the Ever After bridal shop in Coconut Grove, Renato Armijo knows a thing or two about putting ideas on paper. But the couturier’s new side gig as a portrait artist allows him to channel those talents in an entirely new way. With Glamadolls, a new endeavor that provides custom, marker-drawn illustrations of individuals based on photographs or videos, Armijo is not limited by lace, tulle or any other bridal musts. It’s chic on his terms. “As a designer I need to know my audience and this is very similar,” he says. “After I get pictures from clients, we meet for co ee or talk on the phone so they can guide me through their vision of how they see themselves.” Following that, Armijo translates said dialogue into cheeky musings (about $300 a pop) bursting with color and savvy style.  e best part is his artistic license. Louboutins have been known to make an appearance whether the subject owns a pair or not. “No one looks bad in my sketches,” says Armijo. “It’s a most  attering re ection.” renatoarmijo.com –LRR

The Ubiquitous Mr. Brody Sure, Pharrell was everywhere we looked, but Pharrell sightings in Miami are nothing new. The most social of butterfl ies from the Basel bunch was the very dapper Adrien Brody. We spotted the Academy Award winner at the Culo book release party at Mr. Chow, the W magazine/Cartier dinner in the District and the Visionaire 62 RIO soirée at the Delano—and those are just the events we know of. We’re happy to report Brody was a most gracious guest—always in black, always the gentleman. –MM