RVSD February 2008 : 31

MEOW... Growing up in Mission Hills, FACE FIRST: Marion Cotillard steps out in Dior’s spring palette. an eight-year-old Rebecca Minkoff two obsessions: Sewing lessons Kitty stationery set. Now whose signature Morning After fusing her youthful preoccupations Sanrio. New limited-edition Momoberry leather clutches, satchels and totes are made for “girls like me, who loved Hello Kitty since childhood, but definitely want something more subtle and luxurious.” (Still, Minkoff lets her inner enfant terrible loose on the electric blue linings.) Whispers are even circulating about a potential expanded Sanrio line and a spring 2009 clothing collection. Available at Delcina, 7924 Ivanhoe Ave., La Jolla, 858.334.3235. –Nora Zelevansky Rebecca Minkoff BEAUTY BEAT: SPRING LOADED If the new Chloé girl—as current designer Paulo Melim Andersson describes her—is “funny, but angry-funny,” how does one put that in a bottle? Find out this month, when it releases its floral signature scent. Exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue, Fashion Valley. > Longing for that MAC Parrot eyeshadow you hoarded in 2004? MAC has launched its Originals collection, which features classic and discontinued shades. MAC, Fashion Valley. > This spring, trusty pastels are getting an overhaul. Dior’s Flower Blossom palette features iridescent tones and a bouquet embossed right onto the powder. But what good is a printemps blush if your skin’s still carrying winter baggage? Arrête Booster C by RéVive claims to repair skin damage from the previous season. Talk about your spring cleaning! Neiman Marcus, Fashion Valley. PULL OVER! We’re always on the lookout for collectibles, but when a mystery style icon mixes an awesome hoodie line with social consciousness—well, let’s just say it gets us listening. Under the pseudonym BillWillie, an anonymous, media-savvy philanthropist (some have speculated that Justin Timberlake could be the masked man) has just released the Printsable Collection, a five-piece hoodie collection featuring handstitched embroidery and 14-karat gold zippers. Only 200 in each style were made, and come branded with BillWillie’s positive messages like Open-mindedness and Awareness. Chris Brown and Wyclef Jean have already gotten their hands on them, which start at around $1,300 and go up to $3,500. All the proceeds go to a program aimed at youth making positive changes in their communities—and it’s all about the cause, right? www.billwillie.com. –Lisa Okuda Chris Brown in BillWillie. STREET SMART? George Clooney scoots around Tinseltown in his supermodel-skinny, lane-splitting Tango (130-plus MPG). Prius nation claims Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt and Cameron Diaz. And now, the Mercedes-owned Smart Fortwo car—Europe’s perpendicular-parking subcompact darling created by wacky watchmakers Swatch—has unleashed its vehicular Chihuahuas among the Great Danes of S.D.’s roadways. A Hummer could eat this thing in one bite; with a length just under nine feet, it’s three feet shorter than the Mini Cooper and roughly half the size of the H3. Eco-chic status starts at $11,590 for the basic model and $16,590 for the convertible, but you’ll have to get in line. Smart USA’s Ken Kettenbeil estimates a yearlong wait for orders placed today. Mercedes-Benz of San Diego, 7860 Balboa Ave., 858.279.7202, www.smartusa.com. –Troy Johnson George Clooney FEBRUARY 2008 > 31 MARION COTILLARD, CHRIS BROWN AND GEORGE CLOONEY PHOTOS BY GETTY IMAGES