HAWA Summer 2008 : 91

CONED IN The Four Seasons Resort Maui has no shortage of excellent eateries. But Wolfgang Puck’s Spago churns out innovative dishes spiced with flavor profiles only a master could concoct.The spicy ahi tuna poke served in sesame-miso cones may be served cold, but its zesty zip is anything but! 3900 WaileaAlanui,Maui,874.8000. STOCK OPTIONS The savory Kimchee chi-ke at Sorabol is a stew comprised tofu, slivers of beef and generous heaps of kimchee. Presented in a black stone pot, veggies pickled with a brine, garlic, scallion and chili pepper mix nicely commingle with the bubbling broth. 805 KeeaumokuSt.,Honolulu,947.3113. Sorabol’s kimchee-chike. CHEF MATE! Chef Peter Foster likes to keep things private What could be hotter than a chef who makes house calls? Peter Foster’s Memoirs Hawaii is no longer a secret for the well-heeled. Foster, the CIA-trained chef will slice, dice and sauté at your home or line up a feast on your million-dollar yacht (or estate) for that swanky soirée. Drawing heavily on local, organic produce, Foster manages to sneak hard-to-find ingredients like chanterelle mushrooms and rare spices from his aunt’s farm on the Big Island into delectable dishes. His seared sea scallops in a port wine sauce with a butter crust, paired with local mushrooms in a chive brandy glaze will have you begging for more. 744.1885 or www.memoirshawaii.com. Spago’s spicy ahi tuna poke. KEEP IT REAL: Rokkaku offers genuine wasabi. GRATE, JUST GRATE That distinctive fire from fresh wasabi is something most diners probably won’t experience simply because the real deal is pricey and difficult to come buy. But you can get a taste of this rare rhizome at Rokkaku. Each week, the Japanese eatery receives a delivery of wasabi flown in from Shizuoka, Japan. The root is grated to order and shines in seasonal dishes like their Guji Shinshyu Mushi (Shinshyu-style steamed snapper). Ala Moana Center, Mall Level 2, Honolulu, 946.3355. DUTY CALLS: Memoirs chef/owner Peter Foster. SUMMER 2008 > 91

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