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… “We live in Pasadena where the Huntington Gardens literally becomes our backyard, especially in the spring. It’s such a magical place for the kids, and now that the Japanese Garden is reopening, we have even more good reasons to look forward to it.” — TAMARA KAYE-HONEY, INTERIOR DESIGNER “Fragrance, fragrance, fragrance comes to mind when I think of spring! Lavender, roses, jasmine and heliotrope are all favorites in my garden come May.” — PATRICIA BENNER, LANDSCAPE DESIGNER “Spring is the season of love and that ts with our ethos that every meal should be a special occasion. You dine with those you love and show you care by setting a beautiful table.” — TIM GLEDHILL, FOUNDER AND OWNER OF HUDDLESON: CONTEMPORARY FINE LINENS “Come spring, we botanical enthusiasts are itching to get our hands in the dirt again. I especially love succulents because they don’t need much water, come in a rainbow of colors and look beautiful all year long.” — BLACK LOTUS DESIGN’S SARA EATON, WHO USED 4,000 PLANTS TO MAKE THIS 15-FOOT LIVING MAO PORTRAIT FOR SAN DIEGO RESTAURANT UNDERBELLY “Spring is the season of renewal and we think our upcycled materials—notably the oak staves of both wine and bourbon barrels—demonstrate how we embody a philosophy of regrowth and renewal. Our raw materials might have begun as trees, but they’ve undergone a long and rewarding process of repurposing to become what they are today.” — GUSAF ROOTH, OWNER/ FOUNDER BARRELLY MADE IT 52 | | Spring 2012

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