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BOTTOM’S UP The No. 4 at Whitehall Whitehall Tequileria Maya Richard Sandoval is no stranger to tequila-and mezcal-focused spots, and the recent renovation of his Upper East Side joint, Maya, led to a new bar next door, dedicated to agave-based liquors. Sure, you can get your standard is gin joint, run by Bobo and Madam Geneva alums, o ers refreshing house elixirs that play up the juniper berry-avored spirit with light accents like basil and honey—or a dash of absinthe for the adventurous imbiber. Try the revamped summer menu for a jolly good time. 19 Greenwich Ave., 212.675.7261 Few people fully grasp the potential of a New York minute, but it seems Italian-born curator Massimiliano Gioni knows how to make the most of every second. How else could the 38-year-old balance his position as associate director of the New Museum with co-owning a gallery in Chelsea and still serve as the artistic head of Milan’s Fondazione Nicola Trussardi? And did we mention his recent appointment to the chief curator post at the 2013 Venice Biennale? We caught up with the busy jet-setter to talk about the New Museum, the global art scene and what Venice has in common with New York. –JM Has the daunting task of heading up the Venice Biennale set in yet? It’s among the most important exhibitions in the world; I’m excited to be working for such an institution. Plus, the city where it all takes place is so absurd. It’s very unique, bound by travel, civilization and history. What other cities would you consider exciting and absurd? Well, New York is like one big museum. If you have an addiction to art, this is a great place to be because you can see it displayed 365 days a year in incredible density. 32 | | July/August 2012 PHOTO: MASSIMILIANO GIONI PICTURED WITH A PAUL MCCARTHY WORK. COURTESY NEW MUSEUM, NEW YORK. PHOTO: MARCO DE SCALZI THE CITY | NOW! TOP FIVE Going Up Grab a drink at these hotel rooftop hot spots, and you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world! –Devyn Jorgensen 1 Loopy Doopy Conrad New York gets playful with its terrace, offering Prosecco on tap and boozy popsicles dipped in bubbly. 102 North End Ave., 212.945.0100 2 Pod 51 Load up on H&H bagels and Balthazar pastries from the hotel’s café, then head to the roof deck for a prime picnic spot. 230 E. 51st St., 212.335.0300 3 SKY HIGH Views from the Loopy Doopy Plunge After a revamp, the oasis atop the Gansevoort Meatpacking now offers a grilling station with treats like shrimp and mango shish kebabs. 18 Ninth Ave., 212.206.6700 4 La Piscine Snag one of Hôtel Americano’s cozy rooftop cabanas and sip on a hibiscus margarita or caipirinha. 518 W. 27th St., 212.216.0000 5 Yotel Terrace Enjoy an endless alfresco brunch with grub like French toast with pineapple and fried eggs, from chef Richard Sandoval. 570 Tenth Ave., 646.449.7700 BOOZE NEWS Three the Hard Way If tipples topped with edamame purée, egg whites or crème de banana aren’t your thing, try one of these watering holes specializing in classic spirits. –AD Ghosts in the Machine , one of the new exhibitions at the New Museum, sounds a bit like a sci-fi horror fl ick, no? 1494 Whiskey lovers can nd solace at this single-malt haven from former Morrison Bowmore Distillers specialist and native Scotsman David Clelland. e members-only whiskey club launches in September and will be housed in a ve-story town house. e annual fees are steep—$15,000 and upward—but for serious connoisseurs who want access to fully stocked scotch bars and lounges, rare tasting sessions and amenities like private car and jet service, it’s a small price to pay for the nest malted barley mash out there. margaritas and house-infused tequilas, but the real draw is the more than 100 reposados, blancos and añejos. Want to buy a bottle? e tequileria will kindly store it for up to three months. Salud! 1191 First Ave., 212.585.1818 Indirectly it deals with a problem we’re all familiar with: how we relate with machines and how they transform and control our lives. It’s about art in the midst of technology, particularly after World War II. You’ve been at the New Museum for fi ve years now. Where are you trying to take it? Q&A Addicted to Art We’re attached to a particular format of large shows whose main thrust is to showcase work that’s unfamiliar but incredibly important. Ghosts in the Machine features international artists from all over, and that’s another big passion at the New Museum— we try to be very global.

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