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Play the Field 5HWXUQWR\RXUJORU\GD\VRQWKHÀ HOGZLWKSULYDWHVRFFHU lessons given by international athlete, global soccer ambassador and owner of EatSoccer , Qiana Martin. This tough chick draws on her training and playing experience in Brazil, Bermuda, Colombia and Portugal to tailor the 60-to 75-minute sessions. Think you know the drill? Think again. She’ll put you through the paces—cones, passing in various conditions, juggle and shield, one-on-one exercises and more. If playing abroad is on your bucket list and you’re good enough to make the cut, Coach will take you to Lisbon, Portugal, for a unique experience. (Crazy fans, optional.) 6WDUWLQJDW&#0f;, @qianarana 155,000,000 Hot diggity! Number of hot dogs that will be consumed on the 4th of July (half of them by competitive eaters, probably). While we can fo’ sho’ get down with a dog, stick to one or two since they are packed with saturated fat and sodium. Let’s Bounce! Don’t be misled by Sky Zone Atlanta’s SkyRobics bouncy-FDVWOH
HVTXHZRUNRXWV7KHÀ UVWWUDPSROLQHDHURELFVFODVV in the Atlanta area (it’s in Suwanee) may look like playtime, but it’s pretty hardcore, blasting up to 1,000 calories per hour. And though low impact (it’s easy on the knees and ankles), this aerial exercise integrates advanced calisthenics, core work and strength-building aerobics. Up, up and away you go (just not over the fence into the neighbor’s yard like when you were a kid)! $9,, @skyzone_atlanta Let’s Make a Wager If you’re a betting man, good news: Healthy Wage reveals that cash-fueled sports competition makes men more likely to shed pounds. In the study, 63 percent of male participants in a weight-loss “betting” program realized success, losing 10 percent or more of their body weight. #KHDOWK\ZDJH BACK UP Inspired by street art and fashion, Mojo Backpacks sport special compartments to keep everything in place for all your on-the-go activities. These water-resistant rucksacks come in out-of-the-box designs, colors and statement-making details. 3XǠ W Pack Neon (shown here), $36, Spencer’s stores, @mojobackpacks 91 SOCCER BALL PHOTO ©ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/GOKCEN YENER; KETTLEBELL PHOTO ©ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/WALKERRICHARD HOT CLASS, COOL CLOTHES Grace, beauty, brilliance—thank Zobha , a new line of activewear making exercise look a whole lot sexier. The braided bandeau top and ruched capri duds will kick your workout into high gear (and may even kick-start your love life). $58 (top), $78 (capri), Neiman Marcus and Atlanta Activewear, @zobha It Takes a Village Amid the new drinking and eating joints in East Atlanta Village, there’s this: a workout spot open 24/7 to extend happy hour into an all-nighter, if necessary. Village Fitness has expanded its RǠ HULQJVWRLQFOXGHVSLQ classes and an improved one-hour boot camp that now uses plyo boxes, a cargo net and sandbags, plus an outdoor obstacle FRXUVHZLWKWLUHÁ LSV&#0f; weighted pull sleds, battle ropes, kettlebells and pull-up bars. Whoa—who’s up for another cosmo? HDYLOODJHÀ WQHVVFRP SWIM FAN Stella McCartney puts sexy into swim time with this bandeau-style swim top with asymmetrical neck strap and feminine, laser-FXWUXǢ HV%RQXV&#1d;\RXFDQDOVRXVHLWDVDVSRUWVEUD Adidas by Stella McCartney swim top, $50, DEKA Atlanta, @adidasbystella

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