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W e d d o s sie r now! F LO R i Da & T H E C a R i B B E a N [ Burning Question ] C a R i B B E a N Don’t call them videographers. True wedding cinematographers (the title many pros prefer) use cutting-edge technology and creative techniques to capture moments and turn the celluloid stories into meaningful and stylized keepsakes. We interviewed a few local notables and asked: What sets you, a reputable cinematographer, apart? –Shari Lynn Rothstein-Kramer “We create a love story based on true, raw emotion. We do not direct clients per se, but [owner] Ruben is so talented that he turns the footage into a movie.” – CAroLiNe seNdereY, oFFiCe MANAGer, seNdereY Video, ForT LAuderdALe, FLA. Villa Harmonie in St. John [ Treasure Hunt ] Diamonds from the Deep Knowing you’ll expect envy from your girlfriends and awe-inspiring greatness from him, your fiancé asks himself, “How can I give my girlfriend her ultimate dream proposal?” So many possibilities… what to do? Maybe he can get you diving for your diamonds in paradise. Start with five days and four nights in the Presidential Suite at Beautiful Places’ Villa Harmonie , replete with a concierge and private chef, VIP dive escort, personal butler, dining and drinks, spa treatments, entertainment, access to local excursions and a private yacht that takes you to and from St. Thomas to St. John, where the property is located. During your stay, a personal guide will lead the two of you on a once-in-a-lifetime interactive treasure-hunting excursion underwater. When you surface with your findings, crack open the chest to find jewelry from Lugano Diamonds , valued up to $50,000. Voilà! A proposal for the books. Your “treasure” can be selected from the retailer’s offerings or your groom-to-be can work with Lugano in advance to custom-create a piece. (All you have to do is beat pirates to the booty.) The entire package starts at $100,000. 800.495.9961,, –SLRK “We stay away from excessive direction and needless cutting. We use various tools to enhance what we do, but the natural moments are the best.” – doriAN iriBArreN, LeAd CiNeMAToGrAPHer ANd oWNer, seAGLAss sTudios, deerFieLd BeACH, FLA., ANd sT. THoMAs, usVi “The brides have me on lock-down. We accept 25 brides per year because, with our attention to detail and passion for film production, it is all-consuming, making it difficult to do more. We personalize every handcrafted film, which is shot in HD, of course.” – rAY roMAN, oWNer, rAY roMAN FiLMs, WesToN, FLA. “Wedding days should be ‘documented’ as a unique love story. It went from a service to an art form. We are filmmakers and tell someone’s story… from ceremony to reception, completely edited from multiple cameras in a highly stylized, narrated film.” – JuLieN diAZ, oWNer/direCTor/ CiNeMAToGrAPHer, MerGe sTudios, souTH MiAMi, FLA. “We’ve been in business for 12 years and have done 600 weddings. This makes us large enough to be significant but small enough to still be boutique and care. And that’s what it’s all about.” – Luis Torres, Co-oWNer, uToPiA Video ProduCTioNs, MiAMi, FLA., ANd NeW YorK 64 MODERN LUXURY BRIDES SOUTh fLORIDa aND ThE CaRIBBEaN | S P R i N g / SU MME R 2 0 1 3

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