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MEN | | | | Produced by David Feld | Photography by Steven Visneau | Grooming by Shane Monden for Wall ower Management | Text by Nadia Dabbakeh | of Style Dallas men are already impeccably dressed for work. Dressing down is the new sartorial frontier. These 10 Dallas men show how it’s done. Take notes.

Men Of Style Top Ten!

Nadia Dabbakeh

Dallas men are already impeccably dressed for work. Dressing down is the new sartorial frontier. These 10 Dallas men show how it's done. Take notes.<br /> <br /> Jon Tutolo <br /> <br /> From model to stylist to Kim Dawson creative director, Jon Tutolo has been on both sides of the camera, and everywhere in between. Now photo art director at Neiman Marcus, his all-American, no-fuss look of dynamic separates by Michael Bastian, Todd Snyder, Mark McNairy and Saturdays Surf NYC is inspired less by runway, more by geographic, street-style voyeurism. There's also a little casual influence of store owner/ hotel founder/editor and all-around fashion impresario Milan Vukmirovic thrown in. The Ohio native came to Dallas to open the now-shuttered Haven in Victory Park. But his main hobby still happens to be redecorating his apartment, redecorating his apartment again, and then moving, so he can redecorate some more.<br /> <br /> Michael Nazerian <br /> <br /> Born in London, reared in Santa Barbara. Tailored in Ralph Lauren, a touch of dishabille in Acne T-shirts. Michael Nazerian makes opposites look so good, whether he's in his role as real estate fund manager, playing seriously danceworthy tunes as an occasional DJ or hunkering down in front of his laptop to finish his novel. He does it all in made-to-measure shirts and suits (Ricky Kwan, Hong Kong's finest, he jokes of his beyondthe- border fave) and a French 75 in hand. He likes his girls in Loubs and his oh-so-perfectly disheveled hair snipped by Chad Rookstool. As for who influences his style? Hansel, because he's so hot right now. His words.<br /> <br /> Aaron Adamson <br /> <br /> Kenzo with Supreme, Tom Ford with Rick Owens, Levi's and Prada-Aaron Adamson deftly walks the line between classic style and urban influences. His wardrobe riffs on everything from old movies to street art and counterculture, such as U.K. drum and bass movement. A girl, a job, a U-Haul and a dream brought him here from Amarillo, and he's bringing his brand of young utopianism to Dallas, acting as GM and COO of East Hampton Sandwich Company by daylight and Djing underground EDM, U. K. bass and house music when the sun goes down. Catch him in floral five-panel snapbacks and reflective brogues as he makes the cool kids dance at Zubar's Trillwave Wednesdays, The Beauty Bar's Glamorama Saturdays and Foundation Room's after-parties.<br /> <br /> Justin Moon <br /> <br /> When the boys on Friday Night Lights grow up, they become Justin Moon; just replace the pads with a little bit of understated prep in tailored fits via Viktor & Rolf, Theory and Gucci. The boyish grin and mischievous look in his eyes are still intact. This Longview native is a Calvin Klein suit-clad commercial real estate broker by day, an avid traveler by weekend (he was sporting a Cabo tan on this shoot) and a veteran of the Dallas arts charity circuit by night. He smells like Serge Lutens, he's drinking a Maker's Mark Old- Fashioned and he makes us all giggle like teenage cheerleadersyou can take the man out of his Levi's, but he's still the goodnatured Texas boy with the infectious laugh.<br /> <br /> Charlie Price <br /> <br /> You've seen Charlie Price around town. If you're lucky, he's snipped your locks at Hair by Charlie. If you're unlucky, you've been crushing hard ever since you saw his wild mane (all shorn now!) In Hadleigh's ads. These days, you'll see the Pittsburgh transplant and selfdescribed graduate of "hard knocks high" driving around town in his 1979 Jeep Grand Waggoneer, wearing vintage boots (he collects 'em), a pair of perfectly stiff cotton jeans by RRL, HW Carter & Son, Rising Sun or Levi's, a 1970 Rolex Datejust at his wrist as he steers, Mumford and Sons' Babel playing on the stereo. Does that thing have a stereo? We'd suggest popping into the salon and asking.<br /> <br /> Faisal Halum <br /> <br /> Don't let the shy smile and sweet dimples fool you. Faisal Halum was the man that made One Arts Plaza the first truly chic place to live downtown. This residential real estate force of nature is all refined ease in Saint Laurent blazers, Maison Martin Margiela leather jackets, Lanvin kicks and the faint yet intoxicating scent of Escentric Molecules, but the moment he slips into that made-to-measure Prada suit and skinny tie, he's all business. He's also in the biz of philanthropy, especially pertaining to the arts, making appearances everywhere from Two x Two to Art Ball—this o-chairing the Flying Horse event benefiting Booker T. ashington. From cheering on his fave college football team (go Gators!) To citing most admired artist Cy Twombly's large-scale scrolling pieces, this reserved silver fox is a study in contrarian delights.<br /> <br /> Manuel and Esteban Mariel <br /> <br /> When two is better than one, look no further than twins, business partners and too-good-to-betrue dream team Esteban and Manuel Mariel. The duo were born and bred in Dallas, kicked up an impressive storm on the SMU soccer team and are now combining a passion for the sport they love with an entrepreneurial spirit. You'll often find the owners of City Futsal (cityfutsal.com), an indoor version of soccer, if they're not playing soccer, doing yoga or swimming. Yes, these men are sporty. And yes, you'll mistake them for a rogue pro soccer player visiting from Madrid. If they're not in cleats, they're layering urban sportswear for a clean, simple look only a man who runs around a field all day pulls off with aplomb. And they sure do look good in suits.<br /> <br /> Peter Lynch <br /> <br /> Taking on the dinosaurs of the private equity world, Peter Lynch is all tall, dark, handsome and hilarious-he strode into this shoot with his sidekick, Alfred, to the delight of all. In well-tailored suits (hopefully by the Italians, he kids) by day, a uniform of fitted black tees and jeans by night, and the occasional tuxedo and bow tie, his lean, tall frame is usually clothed in clean, simple, well-tailored wares, from the Baume & Mercier at his wrist, right down to his designer boots. As for his interests, the traveled lad is obviously a '90s kind of kid, citing both Edward Louis Severson III and Edward Scissorhands as his favorite artists.<br /> <br /> Breck Woolsey <br /> <br /> Rugged meets refined in interior designer Breck Woolsey (Breckinridge/Taylor Design). Originally from Dallas, he did a stint in sunny LA before trekking back to impress his hometown with his design style-think modern-day Serge Gainsbourgwith such early projects as Park restaurant's sexy speakeasy Bar Celine, Osgood O'Neil Salon's hard-meets-soft wood and concrete parlance, Again & Again's Leslie Pritchard's home, a vintage paradise recovered in modern fabrics. Most recently, he used some of his Californication to put a beachy twist on John Tesar's Spoon. His wardrobe is as easily cool and classic as his designs; in fact, he walked into our shoot from the rain wearing the very belted trench and loose lace-ups we shot him in-creating a strong, classic look of Tom Ford suits juxtaposed with Rag & Bone, Michael Bastian, J.Crew and Todd Snyder, occasionally finished with a 9027 Hawthorne Driftwood boot by Redwing.

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