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W e d d o s sie r [ Voyeur ] now! Thursday, 6:30 PM Despite knee-high snowdrifts, BHLDN (bhldn. com) had a full house for its one-year anniversary festivities. adding to the gold coast bridal boutique’s already dreamy interior were fl orals from pistil & vine and mismatched china from plate—all styled by so Dressed up! partygoers sampled sweets courtesy of cream & flutter and bites from truffl eberry market while getting a sneak peek of the spring collection. –AB Fash Bash! Jacob Lahr Andersonville, women’s manager, Emporio Armani “All these amazing sweets and stunning dresses... weddings are so about the bride!” Jeremy Bustos Wicker Park, president/owner, Studio This Is “I had to rent a team of huskies to make it to the event in this snowstorm, but it was worth it!” Amanda Wyatt Champaign, owner, Cream & Flutter Nicole Sewall Philadelphia, managing director, BHLDN “Am I allowed to have another mini meringue tart or is three the limit?” “Th ese hors d’oeuvres from Truffl eberry Market are the coolest. Th e only thing I might like better than a real ice cream cone is one that’s fi lled with buff alo mozzarella.” Katie Jackson-Meara Lakeview, founder/planner/stylist, So Dressed Up! [ Sugar Buzz ] Chic & Sweet looking for a cool, customizable guest or attendant gift? look no further than A Sweet Delivery by Sugar Chic Designs (sugarchicdesigns. com). owner and candy stylista amy Ditomasso began sugar chic a year and a half ago, designing sweets tables for special events and weddings, and has recently added delivery boxes boasting an endless selection of gourmet candies (think white grapefruit gummi slices, sixlets and jelly beans in every color of the rainbow). with a number of bespoke boxes to choose from with optional monograms and verbiage, it’s a tony way to tailor gifts for your wedding party, out-of-town guests or anyone who added to your special day. –AB SPECIAL DELIVERY A Sweet Delivery box for bridesmaids 122 MODERN LUXURY BRIDES CHICAGO SOCIAL | f a ll / w i n t e r 20 1 3 bhlDn event photos by evan thomas; a sweet Delivery photo by marcin cymmer “I’m so in love with our Euro garden tea party. I want to plan this fete again and again. And not-so-secretly I wish I could get married again so I could shop!” Lauren Carter Gold Coast, co-founder/principal event consultant, LOLA Event Productions “It’s so dreamy in here that I almost forgot that it’s snowing. Can I just cozy up by the sweets instead of going back outside?”

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