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3 BeSt CoCktailS Drink Me! “ This bottle was not marked ‘poison,’ so Alice ventured to taste it, and fi nding it very nice, (it had, in fact, a sort of mixed fl avour of cherry-tart, custard, pineapple, roast turkey, toffee and hot buttered toast) she very soon fi nished it off .” – lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland let’s all close our eyes and pretend cocktails are good for us, agreed? With hG Sply co. ’s Double under (pictured below), it’s an easy argument. an electric, deeper-than-magenta, beet-infused tequila is mixed with fresh lime, ginger beer and turbinado syrup for a rare, lip-smackingly good moment. Sounds downright healthy, no? It’s at least good for the soul. 2008 Greenville Ave., 469.334.0896, hgsplyco.com For a modern twist on the classic el Diablo, Pozo mercado ’s Brian mcCullough’s house cocktail replaces creme de cassis with Huckleberry Shrub— huckleberries, sugar, water and red wine vinegar—for a tangy zip and bright berry color. along with Dulce Vida blanco tequila, lemon juice and ginger beer, you’ll feel newly refreshed on a scorching day. 2908 McKinney Ave., 214.624.3555, pozodallas.com everything is more mysterious after dark, demanding our drinks to be more complex in fl avor. Omar yeeFoon at Smyth knows just how to add a bit of excitement to droll summer evenings. a lou Brawls is equal parts dry chocolate Brugal viejo (sweetness), Carpano antica vermouth (body and spice), and Hennessy (fruitiness). With a dash of tiki bitters and a pretty orange peel garnish, served on the rocks, you’ll be tempted to steal your date’s drink. 4513 Travis St., 214.520.0900 LoTS To LoVe guanciale almonds, The Lot 12 o’CLoCK HIGH Lunch is alive and well in Dallas. Here are fi ve spots worth taking the time for. >>> Th e Lot has captured the hearts of Lakewood diners, with its beer garden and seriously casual menu developed by Sharon Hage. Make a meal of interesting starters, including black-pepper spiked guanciale almonds, yucca fries, fried caulifl ower and bison blue cheese meatballs, then move to “Th e Chicken,” a rotisserie bird served with dipping bread and salad. Juice enthusiasts, note: Fresh-pressed juices are available with a shot of spirits. Great choice for a Friday, especially if you don’t have to go back to the offi ce! 7530 E. Grand Ave., 214.321.1990, thelotrestaurant.com >>> Now with three locations, 5 each with slightly diff erent menus, Nick & Sam’s great luNCh Grill has staked a claim on midday. Choices range SPotS from hearty salads and sushi to fi lling sandwiches, hot entrees and steakhouse sides. Claim a shady outdoor table in Uptown; enjoy the expansive dining room in the Park Cities and await your movie in comfort at the new Look Cinemas. Uptown, Park Cities, Prestonwood, nick-sams.com >>> You can’t beat Parigi , Oak Lawn’s doyenne of sophisticated bistro dining. A proponent of local sourcing long before it became fashionable, Parigi keeps reinventing itself through constantly changing seasonal menus. Grab a patio perch or sunny window spot. 3311 Oak Lawn Ave., Ste. 102, 214.521.0295, parigidallas.com July/August 2013 | 81

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