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Fashion Photographic Memory

As Houston magazine marks a milestone this month, look back through a photographer's lens at some of our most memorable portraits in print. Toast the cowboys, cooks, artists, athletes, singers, swingers, movers, shakers, givers, takers, dandies, doers and dreamers who brought the first 100 issues to life!<br /> <br /> 100 ISSUES<br /> <br /> Opera leader Patrick Summers, by Julie Soefer, December 2011. Opposite, from top: Self-described "muse" Amanda MiUs, b y ( & Paul Swen, June 2006. Frenchmen, brothers and Le Mistral restaurateurs David and Sylvain Denis, by Bode Helm, April 2012. "We are not an 'in' restaurant," said David. "We want to represent France, and we want to be a team."<br /> <br /> Previous spread, clockwise from top left: Texas-raised TV star Eva Longoria, by Sheryl Nields, November 2009. Milliner Gabriela Dror, by Julie Soefer, March 2013. Musician Chris Wise, by Bode Helm, April 2011. Historian Douglas Brinkley, by Sandy Carson, May 2012. Equestrian trainer O. K. Estes, by Julie Soefer, October 2012. Stage actor Justin Doran, by Paul Swen, August 2008. Bull rider Douglas Duncan, by Brandon Thibodeaux, March 2010. Bar owners Brad and Chad Womack, by Phoebe Rourke Ghabriel, June 2013. Pro soccer player Brian Ching, by Julie Soefer, August 2007. Fashion model, by Rodolfo Martinez, August 2006.<br /> <br /> Clockwise from top: Ballet dancer Aaron Robison and philanthropic hostess Becca Cason Thrash, by Julie Soefer, December 2012. "If it's not sexy, fashionable and fun, I'm not doing it," said Thrash. "That might sound superficial, but I've made peace with it." Artist Trenton Doyle Hancock, by Julie Soefer, December 2008. CultureMap founder and former lighting designer Nic Phillips, by Debora Smail, December 2007.<br /> <br /> Actress and first cover subject Alexis Bledel, by Ivan Prochko, March 2005. Opposite, clockwise from top: Oscarwinning songwriter Ryan Bingham, by John Gries, November 2007. Fashion model, by Warwick Saint, October 2006. Houston-reared TV and movie star Matt Bomer, by Brian Bowen Smith, August 2010. "There's something about being from Houston that helps you keep a really good head on your shoulders, no matter what life throws at you," Bomer said. "I've had a lot of different people approach me at different times and say, 'You were raised well.'"<br /> <br /> Lauren Bush Lauren, model, designer, anti-hunger activist, presidential granddaughter and niece, and wife of Ralph Lauren's son David, by Miranda Penn Turin, June 2007. "Our families are both very centered and sort of low-key," she said, "and, contrary to what people believe, very normal."<br /> <br /> Clockwise from left: Fashion model, by Warwick Saint, October 2006. John de Menil, filmmaker and scion of the famously philanthropic Menil Collection founders, by Dorothy Hong, February 2009. "I don't think I get treated differently," said de Menil, "except I can get inside the museum when it's closed." NBA great Hakeem Olajuwon, by Julie Soefer, April 2013. Mayor Annise Parker, by Julie Soefer, February 2010.<br /> <br /> Restaurateur Benjy Levit, by Bode Helm, April 2009. Opposite: Art dealers and philanthropists Meredith and Cornelia Long, by Julie Soefer, December 2008. "A dealer's job is to find artists he's interested in and then get others interested," said Meredith. "It's a teaching job."<br /> <br /> Clockwise from left: Philanthropist and society icon Lynn Wyatt, by Phoebe Rourke Ghabriel, July 2007. Ballet dancer Toni Valle, by Julie Soefer, January 2009. Movie star Ethan Hawke, by Rodolfo Martinez, August 2007. Comedian Matthew Broussard, by Julie Soefer, October 2012. Liza Minnelli, Oscar winner, showbiz legend, and longtime best friend of Wyatt, with her Houstonraised pianist Billy Stritch, by Livia Corona, November 2006. "As you get older... you learn who your true friends are," Minnelli said, "and they can be counted on one hand."

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