MIAM December 2013 : Page 187

THE HIDDEN ART SURROUNDS YOU This month incredible collections from the globe descend on Miami for the blink of an eye. An art lovers paradise, radiant Miami and more shows, events and private exhibitions than the serious collector has time to partake in. Art Basel is truly one of Miami’s greatest events for locals and the globe alike. Still a baby at just over a decade old there are many different plans of action and strategies to get the most of your week. Experts seem to agree it is a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of the several one of a kind art forms that have become ubiquitous in all high profile events across the globe and are simply available in only one place, here in Miami. There is a modern art form that buzzes in elite international circles and has the most unique medium, human faces and bodies. Most in the know will already be uttering the magic words, “The Maercks Institute.” In the past years two distinctively impressive art forms have made an indelible name for the immensely talented Dr. Rian A. Maercks M.D., founder and sole practitioner at The Maercks Institute. “Aesthetic facial balancing” and the “Cold -Subfascial Breast Augmentation” have changed the way aesthetic interventions are considered,and opened the doors to elegant treatments for those who would otherwise be plastic surgery averse. These two core concepts surround us in friends and acquaintances that appear stunning and completely untouched. When asked for his secret, this fine artist turned philosopher turned master of aesthetic plastic surgery simply says “its all about art.” Aesthetic Facial Balancing has become the most sought after intervention during Art Basel. Loved for its minimal recovery, dramatic aesthetic improvement and lack of any stigmata intervention, appointments for this intervention quickly become scarce in winter months. Dr. Maercks explains “I is secretly possessed by models, actresses and celebrities that remain publicly considered untouched. The results sit in a natural position without the separation, sharp definition or “down and out” position of typical augmented breasts. do not chase after wrinkles, lines or focal features. I rely on my understanding of spatial The opportunity to consult with the one of a kind Dr. relationships, the power of negative space, light reflex Maercks is a treasured experience in and of itself. It is and shadow just as a painter and sculptor do. This “ Aesthetic Facial as if the Platonic form of beauty, the art of human form understanding, combined with my extensive craniofacial and the phenomenology of perception are being curated experience, study of facial skeletal harmonizing surgery Balancing has together in one of the most unique exhibitions Art Basel and understanding of the caveats of human perception become the most has to offer. Best of all, one leaves appearing and feeling allow me to deliver something truly different. Although sought after healthier, happier and refreshingly youthful. Maercks offers my average patient looks 10-15 younger and less the same thoughtful and truly artistic processes in the intervention wrinkled,this is a side effect. I do not rejuvenate, during Art Basel.” gambit of aesthetic interventions including a breathtaking I balance .” facelift, eye rejuvenation surgery and incredible rhinoplasty Dr. Maercks uses either a truly unique application of hyaluronic acid, a natural occurring substance in the human body, or the bodies own fat and stem cells to deliver these results. Similarly Maercks’ revolutionary Cold-Subfascial Breast Augmentation delivers a non-augmented look with no breast scars that and chin surgery. There seems to be an artistic thoughtful and unique solution for any aesthetic concern at The Maercks Institute. Dr. Maercks offers limited exclusive consultations at the beautiful Maercks Institute, conveniently located blocks from Miami’s thriving Design District. Dr. Maercks conducts exclusive private consultations at The Maercks Institute located just outside of Miami’s bustling Design District. Scheduling can be arranged by contacting through www.RianMaercksMD.com or calling 305-328-8256 .

Rian A. Maercks M.D.

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