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[STYLE] BEAUT Y Outside the Lines Fifth Avenue-based plastic surgeon Dr. Jon Turk ’s philosophy is to get ahead of the aging game. “We’re looking to change the paradigm of waiting until things are broken to fix them,” he says. To that end, Turk believes in regenerative medicine, or “getting the body to do more on its own,” like using a patient’s own blood plasma in PRP injections to improve skin texture. “It brings in a new blood supply and can even be injected under the eyes,” Turk explains. “It’s very safe and subtle, and there’s no downtime.” Or there’s Dermapen, which pricks the skin with tiny needles, stimulating the body to produce more collagen. For patients who want higher cheekbones or a stronger jawline, Turk is using the filler Radiesse, which replicates bone, to give the appearance of sharper angles. And fine lines can now be softened with the dermal filler Belotero. “I love it for feathering around the lips,” he says. Turk says his patients are obsessed with one area lately: the neck. “I call it the iPad syndrome,” says Turk. “People now catch their reflection in a tablet, and it’s a particularly unflattering angle.” His solution is the Exilis, a nonsurgical device that uses heat produced by radio frequency to tighten skin. 800 Fifth Ave., 212.421.4845, –BL rappaport and katz photo by patrick macleod; turk photo by winnie au dr. michelle Katz and her husband, dr. Jeffrey rappaport, run the downtown oral health spot Lavaan. armed to the teeth BEAM ON married dentists Jeffrey r appaport and Michelle K atz havE comE up wiTh a frESh nEw concEpT: a STrEET-LEvEL, waLk-in, affordabLE dEnTaL SpoT caLLEd lava an , ThE oraL EquivaLEnT of a bLow-drY bar. dr. rappaporT ShEdS SomE LighT on how To gET Your bEST SmiLE. by beth Landman What do you offer at Lavaan? There’s no drilling here, and no X-rays—only cleaning, whitening and Invisalign, provided in an approachable environment. What would make someone just pop in to have their teeth cleaned or whitened? As a guy, if I weren’t married and were going on a date, I’d notice a woman’s teeth and breath before her hair. We think having your teeth cleaned is something you might do before a big night, and it’s only $89 here. How often should one get a cleaning? Research shows you should have your teeth cleaned at least every three months. There’s a huge correlation between teeth and general health. Any plans to expand? We thought people downtown would be most open to a new concept, but now we’re looking to expand. The next location will probably be on the Upper East Side. 474 Sixth Ave., 212.837.1833, 54 MANHATTAN DECEMBER 2013 about face Plastic surgeon dr. Jon turk helps his patients look their best through less invasive procedures.

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Married Dentists Jeffrey Rappaport And Michelle Katz Have Come Up With A Fresh New Concept: A Street-Level, Walk-In, Affordable Dental Spot Called Lavaan, The Oral Equivalent Of A Blow-Dry Bar. Dr. Rappaport Sheds Some Light On How To Get Your Best Smile.

What Do You Offer At Lavaan? There’s No Drilling Here, And No X-Rays—Only Cleaning, Whitening And Invisalign, Provided In An Approachable Environment.

What Would Make Someone Just Pop In To Have Their Teeth Cleaned Or Whitened? As A Guy, If I Weren’t Married And Were Going On A Date, I’d Notice A Woman’s Teeth And Breath Before Her Hair. We Think Having Your Teeth Cleaned Is Something You Might Do Before A Big Night, And It’s Only $89 Here.

How Often Should One Get A Cleaning? Research Shows You Should Have Your Teeth Cleaned At Least Every Three Months. There’s A Huge Correlation Between Teeth And General Health.

Any Plans To Expand? We Thought People Downtown Would Be Most Open To A New Concept, But Now We’re Looking To Expand. The Next Location Will Probably Be On The Upper East Side. 474 Sixth Ave., 212.837.1833, Lavaansmile.Com

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Fifth Avenue-Based Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jon Turk’s Philosophy Is To Get Ahead Of The Aging Game. “We’re Looking To Change The Paradigm Of Waiting Until Things Are Broken To Fix Them,” He Says. To That End, Turk Believes In Regenerative Medicine, Or “getting The Body To Do More On Its Own,” Like Using A Patient’s Own Blood Plasma In Prp Injections To Improve Skin Texture. “It Brings In A New Blood Supply And Can Even Be Injected Under The Eyes,” Turk Explains. “It’s Very Safe And Subtle, And There’s No Downtime.” Or There’s Dermapen, Which Pricks The Skin With Tiny Needles, Stimulating The Body To Produce More Collagen. For Patients Who Want Higher Cheekbones Or A Stronger Jawline, Turk Is Using The Filler Radiesse, Which Replicates Bone, To Give The Appearance Of Sharper Angles. And Fine Lines Can Now Be Softened With The Dermal Filler Belotero. “I Love It For Feathering Around The Lips,” He Says. Turk Says His Patients Are Obsessed With One Area Lately: The Neck. “I Call It The Ipad Syndrome,” Says Turk. “People Now Catch Their Reflection In A Tablet, And It’s A Particularly Unflattering Angle.” His Solution Is The Exilis, A Nonsurgical Device That Uses Heat Produced By Radio Frequency To Tighten Skin. 800 Fifth Ave., 212.421.4845, Jonturkmd.Com –BL

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