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[now in o.c. ] maRkeT WaTcH in THe mix You could say Andrea and Russell Young are experts in retail therapy. They’re the brains behind The OC Mix at SoCo, The OC Mart on 17th Street in Costa Mesa—and debuting early next year, Union Market Tustin at The District. (You might also recognize Andrea from her custom invitation biz, The Paper House, and Russell from his work with Executive Suites.) They recently took their cool, all-under-one-roof concept on the road to Vegas with The Market LV. We caught up with this busy couple between signing leases to talk a little shop. –TB You two have been busy! AY: Each day is a new adventure. We’re meeting great people, and finding exciting companies and restaurants. RY: I love it. Retail is constantly changing and is inventive. Was there an aha moment when you were hit with this shopping center formula you’ve created? AY: I have to give credit to my husband. He created a solution for small businesses when the economy was crumbling. I was a passionate retail owner but couldn’t afford the rents on a large space. So we thought: Let’s create an atmosphere with small stores all under one roof, thriving off the synergy we all create. What are you most excited about when it comes to Union Market Tustin? AY: There’s more food—and creative food—in this concept. And the decor will be very unique to this market. Other areas you’re looking to make a mark? AY: We’re approached daily about our concept. We just base our judgment on what feels right. We’re not limiting ourselves. I’m curious... Would you rather shop or dine? AY: Dine for sure-I love the experience of food, drinks and being social. If you could open up shop any place in the world, where would it be? AY: San Francisco—it’s my favorite city. RY: Chicago—it’s my kind of town! The most exotic place you’ve shopped? AY: Venice, Italy—we bought a crazy piece of art on our honeymoon that had to be shipped by boat because it was so big. We got it six months later and said, ‘What were we thinking?’ UNION LEADERS Retail innovators Andrea and Russell Young RoYal TReaTmenT stamping grounds You won’t find any grape leaves, flowers or baskets on these stencils—oh, no. The Royal Design stampers we found at Peinture Studios in SoCo feature fun and whimsical graphics, right alongside tribal and exotic inspirations, and they’re being snapped up by painters, interior designers and do-it-yourselfers to create chic, modern looks on walls, floors, furniture—you name it. Imagine one-of-a-kind kitchen backsplashes, dresser and door fronts, stair risers, floors, ceilings—even pillows. Now that’s a stamp of approval! $30-$90, Peinture Studios, 3323 Hyland Ave., Suite E-2, Costa Mesa, peinturestudios.com –Wendy Bowman 60 RIVIER A DECEMBER 2013 andrea and russeLL young photo By MeLissa vaLLadares

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