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BEST OF ThE cITy f o o d & d r i n k The newest, most sizzling scene downtown? You’ll find it at The Headquarters at Seaport District, thanks to Mexico-born, La Jolla-raised Eric Adler and the second coming of his Mexican street-food concept, Puesto (eatpuesto.com). Ballyhooed and celebrity-owned Pizzeria Mozza was envisioned as the historic dining-and-entertainment complex’s star attraction, but it’s the energetic, high-style tacos-and-cocktails Puesto that’s really cracking the party piñata. Says Adler of a typical Saturday night, “It’s like Cancun in here.” The draw? Outrageous gourmet tacos (ancho-chile-marinated pork, local halibut with almond mole) and a primo tequila list to be sure, but we think there’s also a little S.D. karma involved: From the graffiti murals by local artist Chor Boogie to the cold-brew coffee on tap (Coffee & Tea Collective), Puesto celebrates San Diego in a way that’s perfect for downtown’s biggest gambit since Horton Plaza. Viva Puesto BOLD OVER Eric Adler in his second puesto concept at The Headquarters. He enlisted famed L.A. designer Thomas Schoos. Hole in One The sweet-salty maple-bacon bar is A Thing. The vegan doughnuts are A Thing. heck, Instagramming your selfie standing in the early am line at downtown’s The Donut Bar (donutbarsandiego. com) is A Thing (#mindblown!), which nowadays is how you know you’ve really made it to the big time. The B Street sweet boutique observes the cardinal rule of hype-making: scarcity (closely followed by having Brad Pitt endorse your apple fritter), rolling out about 1,000 of their craveworthy pastries daily. The morning’s menu goes up first thing on Facebook, and by the time the doors are thrown open at 7, the throngs are amped for their buck-a-cup coffee and first bite of a blood orange (or blueberry-lemon, or Nutella-stuffed, or crackly crusted creme brulee) doughnut, or any of the dynamic kitchen’s other whimsies. Did we say hype? ‘cause here’s the real deal: however we feel about that line, if you could buy a pass to the front of it, we’d own one. 104 RIVIER A jAn/FEb 2014

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