MIAM January 2014 : Page 111

The Aesthetic A Superlative s the new year is upon us and we celebrate the best that our fine city has to offer, it would be remiss to pass over superlative excellence that is proudly Miami’s own. After all, Miami is an international destination for all things aesthetic, arts, architecture, design, people, and fashion. The onerous task of categorizing Dr. Rian A. Maercks is best avoided by simply stating that he falls in the mix of this set of excellence that makes Miami great. The doctor and the well recognized art he has developed truly fall in a space of their own at the intersection of fine art, design, fashion, aesthetics and plastic surgery. Dr. Maercks trained as a fine artist at outset of his collegiate career which indelibly shaped his perspective and capacity for vision and creation. His hunger for knowledge led the doctor to engage art and perception not only through visual creation but through psychological and philosophical treatises he created culminating in a degree in philosophy with a focus on neo-platonic virtue based ethical theory and phenomenology of perception. With such a unique preparatory development Maercks took on medical training literally “eyes wide open.” At the prestigious Duke University Medical School this academic artist bloomed with a voracious passion for plastic and reconstructive surgery. Maercks’ love, command and appreciation for the human form is also exemplified by what is called “Cold-Subfascial Breast all facets of his diverse field. Dr. Maercks unique and eminent training Augmentation,” yet another technique simply unavailable culminated with the honor of being the last fellow to receive mentorship elsewhere. Dr. Maercks flatly refused to create breasts as he by the legendary Dr. Fernando Ortiz-Monasterio, and a transcontinental was trained, the widely separated, low and ‘jumping’ results of experience with the veritable who’s who of aesthetic plastic surgery. the conventionally used sub-muscular and dual-Years after returning home, this Miami native has plane techniques. Harnessing his creative vision, “At the self named created a unique space where he triumphs, a plastic international experience and surgical prowess he Maercks Institute, he devised a new methodology and technique that surgeon that restores completely natural appearing is known for one of delivers perfected feminine form, naturally sloped beauty. At the self named Maercks Institute, he is a kind practices and tear drop shaped and centrally balanced breasts known for one of a kind practices and interventions without scars or any stigmata. Cold-Subfascial interventions devoid of devoid of stigmata of intervention. His techniques results appear totally untouched as if perfected by are so radical, they require novel language. There is stigmata of intervention.” nature. no puffing up or filling out at The Maercks Institute, rather “Aesthetic Facial Balancing” is the appropriate terminology for treatments that make his patients glow and appear rejuvenated while leaving even spouses confused as to why. No duck lips here, rather carefully thought out, balanced interventions. Dr. Rian A. Maercks is best labeled as simply ‘the aesthetic superlative’, an artist who transcends his speciality and medium striving and succeeding at creating something greater. Kudos to this master of the art and aesthetics of human form! Early in his career he invented new devices, techniques and practices in Dr. Maercks conducts exclusive private consultations at The Maercks Institute located just outside of Miami’s bustling Design District. Scheduling can be arranged by contacting through www.RianMaercksMD.com or calling 305-328-8256 .

Rian A. Maercks M.D.

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