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Style Savant For the fashion obsessed, the latest styles and luxury brands are meaningless out of context. In the end the concept of style is articulated through the individual in a complete package of tastefully selected pieces ‘worn well.’ Style in the end must be the result of harmony and balance. Luckily we can indeed wear all of the amazing style Miami and the globe has to offer, and wear it well with a little help from Miami’s authority of balanced harmony. Dr. Rian A. Maercks has a style of his own that demands a double take but his practice at The Maercks Institute delivers a hidden element of balance and harmony to Miami’s diverse styles that we celebrate. He leaves his modern elegant surgery center to become the v-neck t-shirt and well-worn jeans wearing biker on his modern classic Triumph motorcycle. When asked what his favorite designer is, the skinny tie and ultra-tailored suit clad surgeon replies “I like to wear what fits.” “I never really know what I’m wearing, I just go to the closet and grab some pieces that look and feel right.” Maercks’ well balanced and diverse style suits him, while the same style in his practice delivers results to patients well worth their transcontinental travels. “Style is the whole package. I help patients start with a beautifully balanced physical presentation through which they can express and develop their own personal style and shine.” At the Maercks institute this style savant is known for his pursuit for perfection and balance in aesthetic interventions. His signature “Aesthetic Facial Balancing” has patients in all corners of the world looking their best, leaving their viewers puzzled as to why. Even breast augmentation under Dr. Maercks care is balanced creating a natural style neutral beauty instead of permanently relegating the form to an “augmented look.” His Cold-Subfascial Breast Augmentation ® is even a secret of fashion models who continue to display their “natural beauty.” Maercks explains “the goal is to have a look that is beautiful braless wearing nothing but a T-shirt that can also be presented as more sexy or hidden depending on clothing choices and the patient’s desires, just like perfect natural breasts.” Think it’s all for women? Some of Miami and the world’s most stylish men take advantage of Maercks’ incredible aesthetic balancing. Even Maercks himself has benefited by becoming his own patient as he demonstrates in the shocking video the doctor released on YouTube. Dr. Maercks conducts exclusive private consultations at The Maercks Institute 4500 Biscayne Boulevard Suite 104, Miami FL Arrangements can be made by contacting (305) 328-8256 or emailing Dr.Rian@RianMaercksMD.com

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