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NOW IN Texas | new & notable COrpUs CHrisTi Crate Expectations Corpus Christi artist Maricela Sanchez has let design go to the dogs–bespoke dog lofts, that is. sanchez’s recently launched online business featuring crates made with sturdy, marine-grade plastic was conceived after years of frustration with uninspiring dog-crate design. Her “aha” moment came when friends started commenting on the openwork gates she had created for her home, and she decided to adapt some original monotype designs for pooch repose. Love the crates, but no dog? How about a poolside towel bin? “Basically if people have a challenge, and they need a solution, I can create it,” sanchez says. $540-$1,295, –CD PETAL PuSHER David Brown’s chic new West Alabama Street digs HOUsTON Rites of spring Houston floral master David Brown ushers in spring with monochromatic blooms in snowy whites, blacks and deep violets. “It’s really about putting together an exciting collection of unexpected yet beautiful colors,” says Brown, whose namesake store recently relocated from Uptown and is now housed in a contemporary ’60s-era building along Houston’s megahot design enclave on West Alabama. Long noted for his lush blooms and wide, flourishing roses, he scours flower markets around the world looking for the best blossoms. 3637 W. Alabama St., 713.664.9597, –Melissa Jacobs the blooms brown is buzzing about leggy, 22-inch-stem sweet peas from Japan a rare, pure white variation of gloriosa rothschildiana , a vining lily that is typically red Sweet peas, gathered in groups of up to 50 flowers exotic stems used alone or as a dramatic element in larger arrangements black Jack purple and Pako orange tulips are Brown’s take-home flower. “I leave them until the petals actually fall apart on the table.” DOG’S LIFE Maricela Sanchez’s Mariposa crates come in small, medium and extra-large sizes. The pillow is by MFANO. 38 InTeRIoRs sPRInG 2014

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