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Tn aCCessories Toys & TeCh jewelry beauTy kiTCheNware hoMe DeCor FurNiTure lighTiNg FashioN Tassel NeCklaCe by ariel clute, frOm $200 at metier Pp PorTraiT PlaTe by ariane OWens, $34 at rare bird Ch Co Dt hp Mm ChalkboarD Table by Pfeiffer lab, $500 at theutilitycOllective.cOm ChaNDo 3-D PriNTeD ChaNDelier by fathOm, frOm $2,500 at fathOm DiNiNg Table by mrcW design, $2,900 at turtle & hare hairPiNs by beth naumann, $26 each at marquee salOn MasoN jar Mug by atelier diOn, $35 at WOrkshOP residence Vb ViNTage-sTyle biCyCle by sObu, $425 at sObu Dl Desk laMP by jen PearsOn, $210 at jenPearsOndesigns.cOm Cz CreDeNza by PersOnPrOductPlace, $4,800 at redux studiOs Ck ChaiN-kNiT NeCklaCe by jess feury, frOm $178 at gOOd stOck Cc CoFFee CoNe by bicycle cOffee, $35 at umami mart wh walNuT heaDPhoNes by accidentally extraOrdinary, $99 at accidentally extraOrdinary Cw Carriage wheel lighT by jOn sarriugarte, frOm $3,200 at fOrm & refOrm wj wire jaw Chair by sObu, $345 at sObu gr Dg DriNkiNg glasses by creative grOWth, $32 fOr fOur at creative grOWth golD riNg by kate ellen, $3,400 at crOWn nine af Cb CyPress baThTub by cOncreteWOrks, $11,500 at cOncreteWOrks hd sh shoDo hooPs by lemOnade handmade, $90 at PhiliPPa rOberts jeWelry Cs aqua FarM by back tO the rOOts, $60 at WhOle fOOds halF PiPe Desk by Pfeiffer lab, frOm $899 at theutilitycOllective.cOm Cake sTaND by jessica niellO, $120 at Perish trust Mk MushrooM kiT by back tO the rOOts, $13 at WhOle fOOds tn, hP, ck, cc, dg, cs, jP: ilana diamOnd Fc FolD CoNsole by mrcW design, frOm $2,300 at turtle & hare st sloT Table by Pfeiffer lab, $275 at theutilitycOllective.cOm Dc Double CirCle NeCklaCe by maria mOyer, $300 at march wc wiNe Case by tinkering mOnkey, frOm $42 at tinkeringmOnkey.cOm gb ws Tr Pr jp golDieblox Toys $20 at target walNuT shelF by mrcW design, frOm $5,000 at turtle & hare Teak roCker by sObu, $594 at sObu PhoeNix riNg by marisa haskell, $44 at marisa haskell jeroMe PoT by travis m c flynn, $250 at saramcdesign.cOm June 2014 | San Francisco 45

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