MIAM July 2014 : Page 165

DRACULA, MEET FRANKENSTEIN. THE BREAKTHROUGH AGE REVERSING, LIFTING AND RENEWING, ACCELERATED PHOTON INDUCED STEM CELL PLASMA GROWTH FACTOR SERUM FRANKENSTEIN i-LIFT does not exist, but it sure did grab your attention. Sadly, this is why so many patients are led down the wrong path in their search for aesthetic interventions. We want to hear about the latest breakthrough that is going to make us look young and healthy with no downtime and there are plenty that are poised to profi t on these desires. Doctors and industry partner to manipulate the meaning of words like stem cells and growth factors to sell products and interventions. The “vampire lift,” for example, is a clever manipulation of the science behind platelet rich plasma(PRP), a part of anyone’s whole blood that can be easily separated in a centrifuge. In disease states like diabetic non-healing wounds, PRP can be very helpful in the healing process. However, despite aggressive attempts to fi nd an application in healthy people, fi ndings have been consistent -PRP has no effect whatsoever. This does not stop unethical practices from making ridiculous claims like PRP can be used as a noninvasive “Vampire lift” instead of a facelift. Luckily the PRP “vampire lift” is the least evil of the unethically marketed interventions in the world of aesthetics—it simply does nothing and is unlikely to harm the patient besides defl ating the wallet. More problematic are the “long lasting” fi ller products like Sculptra, Radiesse and Artefi l that claim to produce your body’s own collagen in the rejuvenating process—these products use substances like bone cement and highly reactive suture materials to create an infl ammatory foreign body response that tends to cause premature aging and fat atrophy while bringing in high dollar value to a practice. The list goes on with devices that claim to produce a fractionated CO 2 laser beam which delivers minimal benefi t to patients for maximal profi t and concentrated ultrasound systems that fry spots in the patient’s face and body at the expense of healthy deep tissues. At The Maercks Institute Miami, Dr. Rian A. Maercks M.D. believes that there is no substitute for a well trained, experienced, ethical and insightful plastic surgeon capable of evaluating and delivering the spectrum of care and selecting the proper intervention for each patient. Dr. Maercks encourages patients to avoid practices that have developed marketing “partnerships” with big business and to fi nd a doctor that does not focus on branded products and interventions that have distracting and comforting names. While Dr. Maercks does offer noninvasive energy interventions, fi ller, volume based interventions and the gambit of surgical offerings, they are focused on the individual patient and deliver natural appearing and health promoting results. EXCLUSIVE LIMITED PRIVATE CONSULTATIONS CAN BE ARRANGED AT THE MAERCKS INSTITUTE, 4500 Biscayne Boulevard Suite #104, Miami Fl 33133 BY CALLING 305.328.8256 OR EMAILING DR.RIAN@RIANMAERCKSMD.COM

Dr. Rian A. Maercks

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