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/ MOST aNTICIpaTEd opening Chop, Chop a succulent double bone-in Berkshire chop with stone fruit, pickled ramps, and black garlic Veteran of Driftwood and Cedars Social, Michael Martensen, and his group, Misery Loves Company, are set to open a thoroughly convivial epicenter for food and beverage in glamorous One Arts Plaza. Dubbed Proof + Pantry, the boîte’s decor uses stacks of fresh produce to reflect their modern American ethos. Lucky clientele, get ready for steak tartare ground and prepared tableside and more of Martensen’s inventive cocktails. It’s just one more reason to make it to the Arts District. 1722 Routh St., Suite 102 in the Sun the most coveted tables run right along the windows at travis walk’s Le Bilboquet, thanks to the uninhibited street view. green hOuSe markeT Lodged in an airy art-filled dining space behind the entrance to the AMC Theatre at NorthPark, this is a regular stop for breakfast, salads, sandwiches and baked goods featuring fresh, organic ingredients. Owner and art consultant Robyn Siegel promises a rotating exhibition of contemporary art, sweetening this already sweet spot. 8687 N. Central Expressway, 214.809.5977, thegreenhousemarket.com 72 Dall as july/august 2014 hg Sply cO. Elias Pope’s tasty paleo diet-based menu (80 percent lean meats, quinoa and greens, plus 20 percent cheat-day splurges), keeps this spot bustling with activity. Specialties of the house such as ahi tuna poke salad with lemon, jalapeno and avocado served with a cold craft cocktail is the perfect antidote to high-heat-index days or excessive splurging. 2008 Greenville Ave., 469.334.0896, hgsplyco.com hg sply co. photo by joy zhang; le bilboquet photo by elliott munoz 5 / dElICIOuSly hEalThy spots

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