WASH Sept/Oct. 2009 : Page 65

Of courseit tastes better than other beers. We’ve had over 600 years to get the recipe right. Our esteemed brewery has been producing beer in Leuven since 1366. Which means we’ve been around a bit longer than most. Mind you, over the years our beer has witnessed the odd change or two. For instance, our customers no longer drink it to ward off the Plague, as they used to in medieval times. However, one thing has stayed the same after all these years. Stella Artois is still painstakingly brewed in a time-honored tradition with the choicest ingredients. Which is why our customers have kept coming back for more, even after 600 years. Always enjoy responsibly. www.stellaartois.com © 2007 Imported by InBev USA, Norwalk, CT. Perfection has its price.

Stella Artois