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2014-11-03 23:39:04

We asked our contribs, “Which local spot would you want to cater your Thanksgiving?” “I’d want Better Half to cater my Thanksgiving. I’ve been a huge fan of Zach Meloy’s cooking since he was doing pop-up dinners at the Goat Farm Arts Center. Plus, he’d probably [come up with] something crazy, like gravy that’s the consistency of Dippin Dots, and that sounds delicious.” –Patrick Heagney, photographer “I’m going with Chops Lobster Bar and axing the Thanksgiving go-to of turkey in favor of a huge steak topped with bearnaise sauce and bacon. Plus, sides like smoked-Gouda mac and cheese, truffle Parmesan fries and honey butter carrots are wealthy successors to the traditional feast.” –Chris Watkins, writer, @christopherbw “My pick would be Bleu House Market and Cafe in Norcross. From traditional dishes with a twist to the tender meat cooked out back on the smoker, this place never disappoints. I love good food, especially for Thanksgiving, so Bleu House would be my dream come true!” –Kelly Lane Lusk, photographer/ blogger, Glam N Glamour, @kellylanephoto “Due to how absolutely delicious yet experimental Foundation Social Eatery is, thanks to chef Mel Toledo’s globe-trotting experience, I would give them complete autonomy to jazz up my Thanksgiving.” –Dennis Malcolm Byron (aka Ale Sharpton), writer, @alesharpton “No contest, Kimball House. Their food blows my mind; the drinks are insane; and the people are truly amazing. It would be a pleasure to bring them and all that talent to my Thanksgiving dinner.” –Amber Fouts, photographer “Chops Lobster Bar is a family favorite, so I could easily swap out turkey for a perfectly mediumrare filet mignon. And as much as I love my mom’s side dishes, they don’t compare to the lobster mashed potatoes!” –Alison Abbey, contributing editor, @awabbey “I could never choose just one: Ocean Market and Watershed on Peachtree because they both have dishes that I’m thankful for all year long! I’d have Watershed’s collard greens, and chef Shane [McIntosh] at Ocean Market would do a turkey just for me, Louisiana style.” –Nyssa Green, makeup artist/owner, The Green Room Agency, @nyssag “I bet Miller Union would do a beautiful, delicious job with Thanksgiving dinner. I’d love to see their spin on several of the classics, and then I’d welcome a bunch of their tasty appetizers too.” –Kelly Skinner, writer, @_kellyskinner

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