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Photography by Helen Le Van Monasterio. He developed new techniques in both aesthetics and craniofacial surgery early in his career. He followed his fellowship spending individualized time with the worlds masters in Western Europe, Central and South America before returning home to Miami to develop what has become his brand: individualized, aesthetically tuned and artful interventions. When asked why there are so many of these strange faces around, Dr. Maercks replies “its all about the money.” “Most practitioners rely on marketing and social networking to develop a name and try to run a business. They may or may not be well trained but most practitioners out there have never really taken time to reflect on or understand aesthetics.” Plastic Surgery, About Face! In a time when we see the most disastrous looking faces and bodies on celebrities, the wealthy and social elite, a new direction and art is being forged by one of the newest faces of excellence in Miami. Glance through the social photography in society magazines of Miami, Los Angeles and New York or just turn on the television and you may find unnatural distorted and age indeterminate faces and bodies. Well, about face, the polar opposite is being artfully delivered at one of the most elite plastic surgery practices in America. Dr. Rian A. Maercks, the founder and sole practitioner of The Maercks Institute Miami, is turning things around for those lucky enough to know about his work. Maercks, a Miami native, sought out the best experience and training internationally and stateside to return with a novel concept of plastic surgery that is foreign to most interventions and practices today. “From the instant I opened my first office I knew the practice would be about the individual patient and everything had to be art.” Unfortunately the role of aesthetics, artistry and a doctorly role have little place in todays “fast-food plastic surgery” world. Dr. Maercks’ interventions are incredibly disparate from mainstream procedures. He has basically created a new language with which to communicate with patients. ‘Aesthetic Facial Balancing’ is what Maercks calls his technique for volumetric restoration of the face. This means that with either hyaluronic acid or the body’s own natural fat, Dr. Maercks uses his artistic insights to create shapes and patterns that are immediately recognized by the perceiver’s brain as beautiful, young and happy. Do not go to the Maercks Institute and ask for a naso-labial fold fill or a lip plump up unless you want to hear a deconstruction of aesthetics and current concepts and an education on facial subunits and the psychophysiology of perception. No joke, this fine artist turned philosopher turned plastic surgeon is proud of both his concepts and results, rightfully so. Patients who receive Maercks’ Aesthetic Facial Balancing look untouched and completely natural, sometimes spouses are left wondering why their partner has such a glow and appears well rested and happy. What is the secret? “Observation, judgement, aesthetic understanding and respect for nuance, even the tiniest” Maercks replies. At The Maercks Institute, Dr. Maercks provides full spectrum face breast and body care from noninvasive energy “Patients who receive Maercks’ interventions to facelifts breast lift and augmentation. He Aesthetic Facial Balancing is also becoming the go to name for revising unaesthetic look untouched and completely breast augmentations with his devastatingly beautiful Cold-Subfascial™ breast augmentations and revisions that often natural, sometimes spouses are appear more natural than the patients original untouched left wondering why their partner form. What’s missing at the Maercks Institute? That’s easy-there is no marketing of heavily advertised products has such a glow and appears or devices, most of which Dr. Maercks will explain should well rested and happy.” be avoided at all cost. There is no nurse consultant guiding you through surgical options and no para-practitioners delivering care. With Dr. Maercks patients simply get the undivided attention Dr. Maercks had the distinguished honor of being the last fellow to receive of an incredible physician with both the talent and dedication to make his mentorship from the great and now late, Fernando Ortiz-Monasterio. Dr. patients shine. Ortiz-Monasterio was one of the fathers of modern craniofacial surgery and aesthetics. The thoughts and ideals of the great FOM, as he is affectionately Dr. Rian A. Maercks offers limited private consultations at The Maercks Institute, 4500 called, are carried on in the art that Dr. Maercks has developed. Maercks’ Biscayne Boulevard Suite 104, in Miami’s beautiful Design District by appointment hunger for elite skills and training began long before his time with Ortiz-only. For scheduling contact (305) 328-8256 or Dr.Rian@RianMaercksMD.com. Dr. Maercks conducts exclusive private consultations at The Maercks Institute located just outside of Miami’s bustling Design District. Scheduling can be arranged by contacting through www.RianMaercksMD.com or calling (305) 328-8256.

Dr. Rian A. Maercks

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