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FRUITS OF THEIR LABOR Anne and Dan Manassero on their farm “They’ve been a blessing to food banks in Orange and L.A. counties for years.” – Robert Flournoy, spokesman for Santa Ana-based nonprofit Loaves and Fishes X10 Dan and Anne Manassero continue a family legacy. Dan Manassero is proud to be a third-generation farmer. His grandfather James bought his first farm in O.C. in 1922, and he’s so proud of his family’s history that he refers to the five-location operation (he and wife Anne also own fields in L.A.) as “The Original Manassero Farms.” Their clients often quip that their strawberries are as sweet as sugar. “Being involved in the family farming of 93 years has paid off,” Dan notes. The fruits of their labor are distributed through major grocery chains across the country and as far away as Europe and Japan. In addition to giving to numerous area charities, the Manasseros donate their food—250,000 pounds of produce last year-to Loaves and Fishes X10, a Santa Ana-based nonprofit that helps feed the poor. Sweet. ANNE AND DAN MANASSERO PHOTO BY ROBERT BENSON; MACGILLIVRAY FAMILY PHOTO BY JEFF VASQUEZ SALT OF THE EARTH

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