HBLA Fall 2009 : Cover

FALL 2009 $5.95 5455 WILSHIRE SUITE 1412 LOS ANGELES CA 90036 OROOMM Sthaa tROCC KK L.A.’S LATEST HOME GAME: WHAT’S IN, WHAT’S OUT TO-DIE-FOR DESERT DIGS GILT-TRIPPIN’ GLAM BUDGET BOUTIQUE HOTEL CHIC? PLUSS M O D ERN LUX U R Y TM ot S kni Pdna—egi eBr of esaCaMakii nn g a Case for Beige—and Pink, , eti h W&kcal Bdna esi ouqrTurquoise and Black & White, too! gdE- gnitt uC oGstfCraa fts Go Cutting-Edge - dnoBeyy ond-M g r uti nr uF do M -t su Ms’. L.AA .’s Must-StSp Shoo pss od Furniture o !

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