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CrossFiT Box crossFit alinea 674 S. VaN NeSS aVe. (at 18tH St.), 415-895-0882 If CrossFitters are serious about their gyms, CrossFit alinea dev-otees are genuine fanatics. Coaches Marv and tom have created a convivial environment where members of all fitness levels and backgrounds feel wel-come and inspired to become the best versions of themselves. alinea also has regular happy hours and activities like paint-balling and flag football, so you can have some fun after you fin-ish your Wod. Yearly member-ship starts at $235. RunnER-up: uniTEd BaRBEll kim ensures that you don’t have to pay more than necessary. Plus, the shop is within walking distance of the 16th Street Bart station and the Muni t line, mak-ing getting around while car-less a breeze. RunnER-up: my mEchanic PlumBer heise’s plumbing 260 oCeaN aVe. (at oNoNdaga aVe.), 415-333-0704 yogA galletti shoe repair BArre ClAss we can’t bring all our junk with us. Cary Fortin and kyle Quili-ci, the two-woman team behind New Minimalism, help declut-ter and refocus home spaces while keeping you in charge of what stays and what goes. Best of all, they’ve focused their busi-ness around community part-nerships, meaning that all your unwanted but usable items are donated to places like the San Francisco Public library, the San Francisco Unified School dis-trict, and Image for Success. they even haul it all away them-selves, leaving you to sit back and enjoy your new digs. RunnER-up: liBERaTEd SpacES moxie yoga & Fitness 3315 20tH St. (at FolSoM St.), 415-529-1546; 1501 taYlor St. (at PaCIFIC aVe.), 415-932-6480 misCellANy avant-Barre 592 3rd St. (at BraNNaN St.), 415-735-1928 When your toilet is overflowing into your downstairs neighbor’s apartment, you need a plumb-er fast . Heise’s will send some-one over right away to assess and fix the problem, and will even secure any permitting you might need (say, for that new gas fireplace you’ve been dream-ing about). all service estimates are free, and the company will happily recommend other repair companies—maybe to fix that ruined drywall. RunnER-up: pipElinE plumBinG You don’t have to be a seri-ous yogi to get fit at Moxie. the studio’s method is based on ashtanga vinyasa yoga but also incorporates Pilates movements and resistance stretching. With four styles of classes—including options for newbies, people who prefer fitness-inspired class-es, and those who can already hold crow pose—it’s easy to find your niche. Classes ($18 for a single class) are capped at 20 and run for less than an hour, and instructors skip the spiri-tual instruction in favor of some well-curated playlists, which you can later stream on Spotify. RunnER-up: maidEn lanE STudioS the number of pounds of pure fat collectively lost dur-ing CrossFit alinea’s biannual challenges. 225 gym Embarcadero ymca 169 SteUart St. (at HoWard St.), 415-957-9622 Sure, you could pay $300 a month for a membership at one of the city’s most tricked-out gyms, or you could drop as little as $54 a month (adults 18 to 26; $71 for 27 and up; $124 for fam-ilies) to work out at a gym with a 25-meter pool, classes rang-ing from aqua fitness to zumba, and ellipticals and treadmills that sit in front of open windows overlooking the Bay Bridge. the embarcadero branch has been the YMCa’s prime S.F. location since the ’20s, when soldiers used to train there; now you can sweat it out in hip-hop class, get fit with core conditioning, or hang out on the rooftop deck. Just make sure to enjoy the views. RunnER-up: STudiomix at avant-Barre’s SoMa stu-dio, owner Nini gueco and her team have created a class that strengthens your core while making you sweat. High-energy tunes? Check. Sanitized workout mats? Check. Classes capped at 20? Check ($25 per class; $99 for the first month). Plus: free fil-tered water, clean towels, and curtained changing rooms. time to embrace your inner balleri-na. RunnER-up: maidEn lanE STudioS hANdymAN Reasonably honest mike’s reaSoNaBleMIke.CoM home PAiNTer ComPuTer rePAir Tech collective 263 SaN CarloS St. (at 19tH St.), 415-285-8882 modamas 3410 gearY BlVd. (at CoMMoN-WealtH aVe.), 415-552-6567 The “ ThAT ’ s sTill A ThiNg? ” AWArd Bay area milkman BaYareaMIlkMaN.CoM though his white truck and glass bottles are charm-ing anachronisms, Pat Borella isn’t just selling Leave It to Beaver –style nostalgia. His organic milk selection includes brands like Straus and Horizon, all delivered once a week in reusable milk crates (who’s obsolete now, plastic bags?). Friendly and dependable, Borel-la will make sure your milk arrives on time, and he’ll also happily sell you, on demand, any of the other 250 food products he keeps stocked in his truck, making pre-ordering seem so last century. Prices depend on location. Victorian houses require per-fect paint jobs, and Modamas is all about precision. though the company has commer-cial clients—head to Holy trin-ity at green and Van Ness if you want to check out its handi-work—its color consultant will also help you pick the perfect color scheme and type of paint, based on the weather conditions in your microclimate. estimates are free, and jobs start with a production meeting to review the plan. RunnER-up: loVE painTinG this worker-owned cooperative provides It repair and consult-ing for just about every problem you might run into. Broken lap-top? lost data? Software instal-lation? You name it, these guys will do it, all while keeping you appraised of how much each repair will cost (and it won’t be as much as you think, either). they’ll even come to your home or office to help fix wireless problems. Hooray for not call-ing Comcast! RunnER-up: GREy maTTER TEchnical SERVicES Handyman Mike Watson’s motorcycle saddle bags are full of tools to help him spruce up your home, from installing a garbage disposal to replacing old two-prong outlets. He’s even familiar with the special needs of the antiquated gas lines common in older San Francis-co homes. If you need “bullshit labor”—things like building Ikea furniture, putting in win-dow treatments, fixing a hole in the wall, etc.—he’ll charge you $50 an hour, but he has a $130 minimum (two hours of work) for bigger projects like plumb-ing and electrical work. as Bar tartine’s sometime handyman, he gets a loaf of bread with his payment, but for you, money will do. RunnER-up: BERnal BuRly man houseKeePiNg zen home zeNHoMeCleaNINg.CoM meChANiC action auto care 2040 17tH St. (at VerMoNt St.), 415-487-1210 orgANizer new minimalism 56 CerVaNteS BlVd., No. 1 (at BeaCH St.), 415-602-5278 San Franciscans have mastered the art of being able to squeeze into tinier and tinier spaces, but robert kim at action auto Care is the beloved car god of Potre-ro Hill, taking care of every-thing from routine maintenance to serious auto ailments. every fix, even the most minor, is done only with customer consent, and Founded by a devout vegan in 2005, zen Home uses only eco-friendly products, to create a “positive energy flow.” Its polite staff leave you with a sparkling home, but you can also get excit-ed about the free herbal tea and the chocolate they’ll leave on your pillow. Prices are slight-ly higher than average ($45 an hour with a three-hour mini-mum), but feeling smug about your newly clean green home is worth it. RunnER-up: zERo diRT clEaninG 110 San Francisco | July 2015

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