MIAM October 2015 : Page 164

DR. RIAN A. MAERCKS Maercks Institute Miami 4500 Biscayne Blvd., Suite 104 Miami, FL 33137 305.328.8256 themaercksinstitute.com PLA S TIC SURGEON/MEDICAL DIRECT OR Dr. Rian A. Maercks, of the Maercks Institute Miami, delivers a truly unique world of aesthetic interventions and care. Do not expect a typical in-and-out experience and a quick treatment or injection. This fine artist and philosopher turned innovative master of aesthetics takes time to understand each patient and explain why conventional interventions might not be the best options. Dr. Maercks’ internationally recognized concept and technique of “Aesthetic Facial Balancing,” for example, elevates fillers such as Hyaluronic acid to a true art form. “I lean heavily on my fine arts and aesthetic training in every bespoke intervention I perform to create an untouched, made-by-nature appearance. ” Maercks explains, “I do not target focal features such as a wrinkle or fold, but rather rebalance the facial features to work together harmoniously. This results in an incredible perception of youth, happiness and health without stigmata of intervention.” The same is true of just about every thoughtful intervention offered at the Maercks Institute. “Cold-Subfascial Breast Augmentation” is Maercks’ technique for delivering a gorgeous, scarless female form that appears made by nature. The care delivered at The Maercks Institute is the result of international training by a veritable “who’s who” in aesthetic plastic surgery and the creative insight of one of the most unique thinkers in the realm of aesthetic surgery and medicine. From face and breast aesthetics to mommy makeovers and even genital aesthetics and sexual enhancement procedures, there are wonderful and unique options available at The Maercks Institute. Mommy makeovers at The Maercks Insitute are a combination of several select procedures depending on the patient’s physical findings and desires. Commonly included are a lingerie-scar abdominoplasty, breast lift or augmentation, liposculpting, Aesthetic Facial Balancing and MACIE labiaplasty with vaginoplasty and G-spot enhancement. Commonly the breast procedures can be achieved without an implant however if one is required, natural form is achieved with Cold-Subfascial Breast Augmentation and beautifully shaped tear drop implants.

The Maercks Institute

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