DALL December 2009 : Cover

ARTs AND PoweR sPeciAl The CiTy, on exhibiT! Cool & Collected: inside the Wilson home Canvasing Cowboys Stadium 10 To Watch—Local Artists We Love Two To Tango! Training With the Stars Culture Compound: ATTPAC’s Glam Debut December 2009 $5.95 Great Danes: Claire Up Close! +PLuS Anna Kendrick: H-wood’s Fresh Air Say Aloha to Hawaii’s New Luxe Samar’s Got Us Hookahed! &Te Parties Tat Rocked! DeTAiL of “buTTerfLy GirL #1” by GAiL norfLeeT, CominG To DALLAS ArT fAir modern luxury dallas 2828 routh st suite 350 dallas tx 75201

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