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Tease for Two Turning the tortured artist paragon on its head, Petra Cortright and Marc Horowitz are having fun creating cutting-edge, innovative work. Although Petra Cortright ( and Marc Horowitz ( are married, their work could not be more di erent. Cortright, who recently worked with Stella McCartney on a series of videos and has upcoming shows in Berlin and London, is entirely computer-based. Appropriating images found online, she combines them into work that feels as playful and ethereal as it is disconcerting. Niki, Lucy, Lola, Viola , her July show at the Depart Foundation (9105 Sunset Blvd., L.A., 424.302.0968,, featured works made of stripper images plucked from a software program called VirtuaGirl and placed into bucolic backgrounds, and her delicate layered paintings, created in Photoshop and printed on aluminum. Horowitz, who began his artistic career doing social experiments—for e National Dinner Tour, he inked his phone number on a whiteboard shot for a Crate and Barrel catalog, then subsequently traveled across the country to dine with the customers who called him—has begun to embrace painting and sculpture. But, as his recent show at the Depart Foundation—which runs through Jan. 30—con rms, though he may be working with more traditional materials, the provocateur remains. It turns out that the two artists are not so di erent after all. In a world that is increasingly hyperaware of every move, Cortright and Horowitz are refreshingly unselfconscious and instinctive. “We would be doing this even if we weren’t making a living,” Horowitz says. Adds Cortright, “Our work comes from a pretty celebratory place.” ART TO ART Petra Cortright and Marc Horowitz at their shared El Sereno studio “Our work comes from a pretty celebratory place.” –Petra Cortright BLURRING BOUNDARIES SETTING A NEW INDUSTRY STANDARD, CORTRIGHT’S AND HOROWITZ’S UNCATEGORIZABLE IT IS. ALTHOUGH CORTRIGHT’S ART EVOKES A PAINTERLY LOOK AND FEEL, THE LAYERED PIECES ARE CREATED DIGITALLY, WHILE HOROWITZ HAS TAKEN AN UNEXPECTED PATH, EVOLVING FROM THE CONCEPTUAL REALM TO MORE TRADTIONAL MEDIUMS. PORTRAIT BY KRISTYNA ARCHER GUTTER WORK IS ALMOST DEFINED BY HOW

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