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Life In Chicago Private Travel

Sarah Ryan 2016-02-14 23:36:03

New Heights The addition of two new helipads within the city limits means helicopters are on the rise as a time-saving way to get around—and the views aren’t bad either. Everything is speeding up these days, with attest to that fact. But luckily, two heliports have opened in the past year—the first in the city limits since Meigs Field closed almost 13 years ago—taking private travel for both business and pleasure to the next level. “More people are getting on the roads, but the highways can’t keep up,” says Ray Leavitt, founder and CEO of EvoLux (goevolux.com), a helicopter charter and ridesharing service out of heliport Vertiport Chicago (1339 S. Wood St., 877.902.9292, vertiportchicago.Com). “Helicopter travel just makes a lot of sense, and it’s economical.” That’s especially true with EvoLux’s SkyShare, where passengers have the option to open their charter to other guests, lowering the fare (case in point, clients could get from Chicago Executive Airport in Wheeling to Vertiport for as low as $260 a person). EvoLux also offers SkyLimo, a more traditional charter option. Either way, Vertiport CEO Anthony Pontarelli notes the true value of the ride: “You get time back. And that’s the most important thing in life, the time.” Chicago Helicopter Experience (2420 S. Halsted St., 312.477.0800, chetours.com) also recently added CHE Premier, a private charter branch, to its business and is expanding its heliport in 2016 to include a 20,000-squarefoot terminal building. For founder and CEO Trevor Heffernan, the expansion is all about providing the ultimate luxury. He notes, “We can land at any property outide of the city as long as we have the property owner’s permission—your front yard, your business’ parking lot, a golf course. If you can think of it, usually we can figure out a way to do it. And you’ll have some fun while you’re with us.”

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