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S O CI A L CI R C L E S NYC’s Top 10 These city dwellers strive to make our world a better place with their charitable organizations. ADARSH ALPHONS began ALICIA KEYS YOUNG NONPROFIT LEADERS 1. Lauren Bush Lauren 2. John Legend 3. Alicia Keys 4. Maya Nussbaum 5. Scott Harrison 6. Adarsh Alphons ProjectArt in 2011 to confront the national art education crisis and provide a creative outlet for children in NYC. backpacking journey led him to found Pencils of Promise, which supports quality education for children around the globe. LAUREN BUSH LAUREN created the ADAM BRAUN ’s co-founded Keep a Child Alive to combat the effects of HIV/AIDS on children and families in Africa and India. 2 1 3 LAIKIND JUSTUS , works to improve the lives of girls and women, and has helped veterans and sex-trafficking victims among others. JOHN LEGEND philanthropic fashion brand FEED to help stop world hunger one product at a time. SCOTT HARRISON started the Show Me Campaign, which promotes education for every child and hopes to end the school-to-prison cycle. Founded by MAYA NUSSBAUM , Girls Write Now is a mentorship program for underserved girls in NYC who seek expression through writing. TYSON TOUSSANT 5 founded charity: water (celebrating its 10th anniversary in September) to help people in developing countries gain access to clean, safe water. Greatly impacted by heart disease, MICHELLE JAVIAN 6 4 co-founded Harboring Hearts as a support system for patients and their families. co-created Bionic Yarn, an environmentalist fabric made from recovered plastic, for eco-clothing production. 42 MAN H A T T AN A P R I L 2 0 1 6 HARRISON, KEYS, LAUREN AND LEGEND PHOTOS BY PATRICK MCMULLAN; NUSSBAUM PHOTO COURTESY OF GIRLS WRITE NOW; ALPHONS PHOTO COURTESY OF PROJECTART AWARE, co-founded by RACHEL

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