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SURGERY VISAGE SAVANT Plastic Over the Knife According to Dr. Leonard Tachmes , a board-certi ed plastic surgeon and director of the only state-of-the-art plastic surgery clinic and medispa in South Beach, going under the knife to decrease wrinkles, remove the appearance of brown spots, tighten the skin and improve complexions is so yesterday. e latest innovations in facial rejuvenation are nonsurgical, involving one laser platform and multiple hand pieces emitting di erent light wavelengths. Tachmes applies topical anesthesia and stacks the treatments, producing more dramatic results with virtually no downtime. His o ce performs anywhere from ve to 20 of these procedures weekly, at a cost of anywhere from $400 to $4,000. Often, platelet-rich plasma injections ($850) taken from the patient’s own blood are supplemented to stimulate new collagen growth. e entire undertaking is not arduous, but Tachmes says he is pained by the botch jobs he has seen performed by less quali ed providers: “Looking fake and over-in ated is a huge problem that I encounter in South Florida. is o ers a solution.” Goodbye, pu y face. tachmesmd.com FACE TIME Dr. Leonard Tachmes offers facial rejuvenation procedures that incorporate lasers. IN THE KNOW Dr. Scott Ennis is one of a select group of surgeons in the country qualifi ed to perform high-tech transaxillary breast augmentations. NEW YOU thing or two from Dr. Rian Maercks , founder of The Maercks Institute and a skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeon. While he regularly performs procedures ranging from breast augmentation to liposculpting, he also reports seeing a spike in what he calls “divorce makeovers,” wherein clients are requesting genital enhancements designed to improve both aesthetics and sexual performance after a bad marriage ends. In his fully certifi ed Class Three operating room, he performs labiaplasty ($6,500 to $10,500), vaginoplasty with G-spot enhancement ($9,500) and penile enlargement ($10,500). Surprisingly, Maercks says many of the aforementioned surgeries can even be performed under local anesthesia. “It’s my belief that if patients have the appropriate psychology to tolerate a local procedure, it is very reasonable,” he says. “If not, general anesthesia is always an option.” themaercksinstitute.com MEET THE EXPERT Chin Up The dreaded double chin has met its NEEDLE WORK match with Kybella , one of the newest injectables to hit the market. Designed to permanently abolish fat in the area, it leaves behind a chiseled profi le and allows it to remain that way for fi ve years. In part, we have Dr. Leslie Baumann to thank, as the dermatologist worked with the injectable for years before it hit the market and then played an integral role in getting it approved. Procedures range from $2,400 to $7,200, with each syringe costing about $500. Clients typically need an average of three treatments to get the desired result. derm.net TARGET AREA Thanks to Kybella, double chins are a thing of the past. 124 MI A M I M A Y / J U N E 2 0 1 6 For 13 years, Dr. Scott Ennis (a new member of the stellar team at the MIAMI Institute for Age Management & Intervention) has been one in a small batch of surgeons (6 percent nationwide) who can perform transaxillary breast augmentations. Aided by HD cameras, he inserts cohesive gel silicone implants through the underarm, leaving only a nearly invisible scar. “It takes artistic visualization to see things three-dimensionally,” he says. Ranging from $5,500 to $7,000, the procedure takes place in a fully accredited surgical suite at the MIAMI Institute in the Four Seasons Hotel, so guests can recover on-site overnight if they so wish. miami-institute.com BOSOM BUDDY PLASTIC SURGERY PHOTO BY OJO IMAGES LTD/ALAMY; KYBELLA PHOTO BY BE&W/ALAMY; DR. SCOTT ENNIS PHOTO BY BRETT HUFZIGER Sexual Healing Those who say looking good is the best revenge could learn a

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