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Home | hotlist “We are doing a lot of Nana Walls–door systems that span the entire back of the house and can be bi-folded or pocketed to give a wide, clear and seamless passage from interior to exterior. It helps maximize light and create an open feel for our narrow Chicago lots.” –Julie Fisher, fc Studio Inc. Peak of the Market THE GET A ONE-ARMED GLAM Want spaciousness but lack the space? Architect Eran Chen’s sleek Sunk collection for Moroso provides ample seating while keeping a modest footprint. Small chairs, corner pieces and one-armed sofas can be mixed and matched to make a number of shapes. At Luminaire, 301 W. Superior St., 312.664.9582. Ever since F. Scott and Zelda moved into the Biltmore (and drank their cocktails at the Plaza), fi xed addresses at luxury hotels are nothing new. But the Elysian Hotel and Private Residences, which opened last fall to become one of the city’s most talke-about high-style scrapers, takes the check- in or live-in concept to new levels. ￿ e 60-story, Lucien Lagrange- designed building (with interiors by local biz Simeone Deary) earmarked fl oors 29 through 59 as permanent residences, including eight full-fl oor penthouses with dramatic views and not a column in sight. And leave it to Lagrange, known for catering to high-end lifestyle design details, to devise a Parisian-style courtyard at the main entrance, along with private elevators, two balconies per unit and spacious in-unit reception galleries so residents have a place to “pause in” before entering. X Marks the Spot Architects Sarah Dunn and Martin Felsen of Urban Lab apply the same innovative thinking they used to win a History Channel design competition to the recently completed Hennepin House: a corrugated metal-meets- country retreat southwest of the city. “When we saw the site, we were struck by two landscapes— prairie and wooded,” says Dunn, who positioned the house like an x between the two. ￿ ey also designed custom industrial steel light fi xtures and clad the living space with “pretty low-grade pine” showing lots of texture and knots. “It was fortunate that we have cheap taste.” PINE FOR IT The Hennepin House’s central, box-like living space is dressed almost entirely in pine. THE WINNING PAIR Urban Lab’s Sarah Dunn and Martin Felson outside their design studio. CHECKED IN The gilded lounge area inside the Elysian. March 2010 | | 85 ELYSIAN PHOTO BY GREG GILLIS; URBAN LAB HOUSE PHOTO BY MICHELLE LITVIN; URBAN LAB PORTRAIT BY MAIA HARMS

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