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Bronze Butterfl y’s Caleb Woodard and Kelly Gorsuch sport their wood. ON THE TABLE The duo behind Bronze Butterfly embodies the ethos of the Steampunk generation, eschewing machine machinations for man-made treasures, including this rough-hewn table of their own design, fi nished in hand-rubbed oils. Carving Artists T e furniture that woodworker Caleb Woodard and hairstylist Kelly Gorsuch hand-built to fi ll Gorsuch’s Immortal Beloved salon was met with wild response. T is gave the urban woodsmen the notion to put their design minds together in a more solid way. T ey’ve launched consulting and design-build fi rm Bronze Butterfl y, a mean, green breath of fresh air that off ers custom pieces crafted of organic and re- used material. T anks to Woodard’s fully functioning Arlington studio, the twosome is able to take clients through every step of the design process, a luxury that’s rare in the bustling District. What’s more, they’re committed to showcasing raw, handcrafted work that’s full of personality and detail that can’t be mass-produced. “From our point of view, it’s not only about recycling material,” Woodard says, “but also a way to appreciate it again for the fi rst time.” calebwoodardfurniture.com March/April 2010 | | 73

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