ANGE November 2016 : Page 116

JEWELS OF ALLAH Nina Ansary Born in Tehran and now based in Los Angeles, Nina Ansary is a bestselling author, historian and women’s rights activist. With a global platform of over a quarter of a million followers, she has emerged as the leading voice of women in Iran in the West. Ansary’s literary debut, Jewels of Allah: The Untold Stories of Women in Iran , offers a game-changing portrait of Iranian women, shattering stereotypes, and tracing their numerous remarkable stories—from rockstars to internationally renowned scientists—while raising awareness for the plight, trials and tribulations of a highly educated female population who has made significant strides amid a domestic culture of oppression. Jewels of Allah garnered both domestic and international praise, including the 2016 International Book Award in “Women’s Issues” and the Eric Hoffer Award for “Best Debut Author,” “Best Book Cover” and “Best in Culture.” A labor of love, 100% of the book’s proceeds are donated to charities supporting disadvantaged women in Iran, including the Omid Foundation, shortlisted for the 2016 Civil Society Charity Award. @drninaansary

Jewels Of Allah

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