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N O W I N NS VOYEUR Interior designers gathered at Vivid Art Gallery (vividartgallery.net) in Winnetka’s Hubbard Woods Design District for an intimate sneak peek at the about-to-open gallery’s collection. Owned by Cynthia Burr and curated by Martha Ruschman, Vivid features a wide range of artists and styles, from kaleidoscopic digital art prints to elegant cityscapes, as well as diverse mediums including jewelry, lighting and ceramics. –KC VIVID ART GALLERY’S DESIGNER PREVIEW PARTY, SEPT. 21, NOON A BRIGHT FUTURE 3 1 1} CYNTHIA BURR Right, Glencoe, owner, Vivid Art Gallery “We really want to work with interior designers, so we invited them all ahead of the o cial opening for a little sneak peek.” 2} PAUL ZUROWSKI Left, Chicago, owner, Sawbridge Studios “I’m on the board of the Hubbard Woods Design District, and it’s a great addition to the retail environment. It gives designers one more reason to come to Hubbard Woods to shop.” 2 4 5 6 5 } MARTHA RUSCHMAN Right, Evanston, curator, Vivid Art Gallery “What we tried to do was put together not just a variety of styles, but also a variety of philosophies and techniques.” 6 } JESSICA TURF Glencoe, interior designer, Jessica Turf Deisgn “It’s a great option to have a local business that showcases a variety of artists. You can bring clients in to nd something that suits their needs.” 3} K ATHY DEVENY Left, Glencoe, interior designer, KMD Interior Designs “I love the tall ceilings, I love the white crispness of the room, I love the lighting, I love the di erent media. It’s all come together so beautifully.” 4 } MEREDITH COHEN Right, Wilmette, interior designer “I like to start with artwork when I design a room, so I have a lot of inspiration here.” TEAM PREP Vineyard Vines co-founders (and brothers) Shep Murray and Ian Murray on Martha’s Vineyard. SHOP TALK It’s been almost two decades since Vineyard Vines (vineyardvines.com) began selling preppy ties. Today, its pink whale logo has become synonymous with the a uent summer island getaway it draws its name from. And now Martha’s Vineyard has nally found its Midwestern counterpart— the North Shore—with the nautical-themed retailer opening its doors at West eld Old Orchard. Its motto is “every day should feel this good.” And Shep Murray, CEO & co-founder, “can’t wait to share that sentiment with everyone in Skokie.” His namesake Shep Shirts ($99) are perfect for late fall. –Ben Rains WHALE SIGHTING 32 NS HO L ID A Y 2 0 1 6 VOYEUR PHOTOS BY NATHANAEL FILBERT

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