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GOOD DEED “It’s been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I consider it my fourth child,” says Good+ founder Jessica Seinfeld of her foundation. JESSICA SEINFELD W Founder of Good+ hen I had my rst child in 2000, I was really struck by how expensive it is to get your baby all the things he or she needs—and then they outgrow everything in three months. I started thinking, what do parents who are living in poverty do? I decided to create an organization that would be a pipeline between people who had items to donate and the people who desperately needed those things. I’ve seen the life-changing implications that having a stroller can mean—it enables you to take your child to a doctor’s appointment. Early on, though, I realized I didn’t just want to give stu away; I wanted the diapers and the crib and the stroller to be tools that people could use to help themselves. So we also began an education program for parents to teach them how they can raise a healthy child. We have also created a program for fathers that my husband, Jerry, is spearheading. e curriculum is designed to give dads the skills, education and brotherhood with other men that will allow them to be more involved in their children’s lives. Jerry and I look at each other every day and say we cannot believe we are part of something so magical—and something that is really working. It blows our minds. PHOTO BY MARK SELIGER

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