SANF April 2017 : Cover

A compendium of dreams, schemes, and blueprints for a better Bay Area FEATURING STARCHITECT INVASION MAKES LOVE to a PARKLET San Francisco’s POWER STATION When a INCREDIBLE The RISE of the ROBOT CAFÉ URBAN DESIGN ISSUE THE BARISTA SINGULARITY: FIXING RETRACTABLE SHORELINE SILICON VALLEY’S UGLIEST BUILDINGS AND MORE... *NOT AN ACTUAL PLAN FOR SUTRO TOWER, JUST A FANTASY. BUT IMAGINE THAT VIEW! PLUS $4.99 April 2017 Warriors-Watching with Bob Myers The Oracle of Oracle: Tech’s New Housing Fix: Like Grindr, but for Condos Real Doctors, Real Dirt The Nocturnists: The New Dairy Craze: Cheese from Water Buffalo

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