RVSD July/August 2010 : Cover

[ THE RESTAURANT ISSUE 2010 ] Riviera’s Annual Resto Awards! THE DISH! THE 50 HOTTEST RESTAURANTS, CHEFS AND EATS IN S.D.! TV’s Sexy Chef Star—From Carlsbad?! Just Deserts—Very Vegas Foodie Finds T e Haute Dog Revolution Puck Yeah!Wolfgang SoundsOff Meat It! S.D.’s Coolest Carnivore JULY/AUGUST 2010 $5.95 +PLUS TOTALLY TIKI TAKEOVER! > STREET ART ATTACKS! > SEXY SWIMWEAR! MEET LA JOLLA’S TOP TOQUE! > THE GASTRO PUB INVASION! > AND ALL THE BEST PARTIES MOD E R N LUXU RY.COM 1055 F STREET SAN DIEGO, CA 92101

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