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Good Vibrations “It’s huge in Europe,” they said about Power Plate (powerplate. com), the exercise machine that shakes your entire body to tone muscles and increase bone density in less time than normal exercise. Tempted by the who’s who list of sexy celebs that have used it, I agreed to try it for myself. Celebrity fi tness trainer Adam Ernster put me on the Plate for three bone-rattling sessions. DaY One Static squats, crunches, DaY TWO My muscles are a little push-ups and curl positions shake me up while Ernster toys with Power Plate’s levels of intensit y. On the way out, I spotted a photo of his client, Pussycat Doll and local girl Nicole Scherzinger . If I can have abs like hers, I’m totally sold. fatigued, but not at all sore. Ernster doesn’t hold back. I leave feeling reinvigorated. DaY ThRee My body ca n feel it now, but I’m craving the sa me energ y high as the time before. Bottom Line: Th e my7 by Power Plate was just released in May and is available for the home. More results in less time? Count me in. – Emmy Kasten 24 | | Summer 2011 a RiD ch a p p ell p hoto by R aQuel oli Vo ; Je W elRy p hotoS by Da le b eRm a n the radar | now ! Romancing the Stone A f ter 12 years of friendship, A rid Chappell and Jesse R aphael joined forces to create a jewelr y line so exclusive, you have to ask for it by na me. W hen Maui fashion guru A rid decided to tea m up with East Coast-based jewelr y wholesa ler R aphael, there were just t wo rules they had to follow—meet nice people and have a good life. Both of which come prett y easily when your sole mission is to search the world for precious stones; rubies from Th ailand, dia monds from A frica and emera lds from Colombia. With more than 10 years of rubbing shoulders with celebs work ing at the right hand of Hawai ‘i fashion fave Maggie Cou lombe , A rid has extensive experience when it comes to k nowing what it ta kes to get on the A-list. “We cater to private clientele only, and we are found by word of mouth.” Much like Tyra, Cher and Madonna, Arid decided to drop his surname, calling the line simply, Arido. Th e collection launched in New York in January, Los A ngeles in February and Vancouver in April. – Lehua Kai POP ROCks! From left: Jewelry designer arid Chappell; pieces from arid’s new jewelry venture FItness FaD

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