SANF July 2011 : Page 110

SPECIAL AD VER TISING SECTION EMBARCADERO CENTER 415.772.0753 BY STEPHANIE ORMA Upon entering the architectural gem in downtown San Francisco known as Embarcadero Center, visitors find a sun-drenched walkway winding through boutiques, restaurants, and specialty shops. On the lobby level is one of the city’s hottest beauty spots, Vanity Beauty Lounge. Right next door is The Bar Method Downtown, providing one of the most targeted body sculpting workouts. On the lobby level of One Embarcadero Center lies a state-of-the-art chiropractic office specially designed for executives on-the-go. And just down the walkway in the next building is one of San Francisco’s most innovative medical centers that is revolutionizing the health industry. Welcome to destination wellness--otherwise known as Embarcadero Center. With our crazy, hectic lives, it’s hard enough to squeeze in a quick yoga class, brunch with our friends, or that much-needed dentist appointment. But when half our time is zapped simply getting from point A to point B, not even chanting Om Shanti will help ease our stress. With its finger on the pulse of holistic

Embarcadero Center

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