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Arts & Power … THE BREAKOUT Monty Montgomery Among the motifs that routinely crop up in local artist Monty Montgomery ’s (montymontgomeryart.com) paintings, stars seem to play a special role. “I spent a lot of time stargazing with my grandpa,” explains Montgomery, who grew up near Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. His style can also be traced to afternoons at the kitchen table with his mom, a kindergarten teacher, which explains his coloring-book black outlines and bright hues. Montgomery, a poet as well, fi lls his pop art-infl uenced canvases with silhouetted shapes, patterns and numbers—as seen at a recent exhibit by Art Fist Collective. “Each shape represents a feeling,” explains Montgomery, whose work will be on display at MCASD as part of the pop-up exhibit Brushes + Forks . “I combine simple elements to create a complex feeling.” The artist’s latest series, Transitions , features outlines of planes and bugs. “It’s about traveling and transitioning,” he says. “And about Monty Montgomery’s using what “High Octane” shows off you’re handed.” his vibrant handiwork. –AS The New Art City La Jolla is hot. Along with Quint and Scott White, the burg now has umbprint Gallery (thumbprintgallerysd.com), showcasing underground talent like the gra ti-inspired Michael Amorillo. Next? A death-inspired show this month and a ri on famous quotes in January. – SC Pacifi c Classic SoCal’s postwar art scene garnered international attention with Paci c Standard Time , a multivenue collaboration funded by e Getty. At MCASD (mcasd.org), the retrospective focused on the ’60s and ’70s light and space movement. Phenomenal: California Light, Space, Surface is the museum’s largest and most complex endeavor to date, featuring boldface artists like Larry Bell, Doug Wheeler and Helen Pashgian. “Light is the primary medium,” explains GLOW FOR IT Doug Wheeler’s “DW 68 VEN MCASD 11” turns light into wall-sized art. … 86 | | December 2011 DOUG WHEELER PHOTO BY PHILIPP SCHOLZ RITTERMANN curator Robin Clark. Meanwhile, over at the Mingei (mingei.org), guest curator Dave Hampton reveals the breadth of San Diego’s artisan past with Craft Revolution: From Post-War Modern to California Design . “San Diego has an amazing history in which art, architecture, and craft overlap,” says Hampton, who cut his teeth with Objects USA (objectsusa.com), which deals in regional midcentury nds. “Paci c Standard Time validates that.” – AS

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