MIAM December 2011 : Page-142

The Globetrotter Those who have followed Anthony Spinello since he splashed onto the Miami art scene in 2005 have always known that Miami wasn’t big enough to contain his edgy creative energy. Drumroll, please! He’s now proving them right by banding with a group of fellow art lovers to turn an abandoned theme park, Treptower Park in Berlin, into an art utopia called Kulturpark for the Seventh annual Berlin Biennale in 2012. But getting the gallerist and owner of Spinello Projects to make it “all about him” is a tough proposition as the element of Miami’s artistic fl ourish that excites him the most is seeing how the city’s art elite are “taking it elsewhere”—citing New York, Paris, Chicago and Los Angeles as capitals where his compatriots are creating a stir. His one word to describe Miami’s art scene of late? “Malleable.” Be sure to catch his curatorial masterpiece Trisection at SCOPE Miami, and don’t mess with his hometown: “From a distance, Miami appears to be a ‘one-trick pony,’” says Spinello. “That’s unfortunate when there are so many stunners galloping.”

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