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Omer Tuncata & Colby Caldwell When importing images into his computer in 2001, photographer Colby Caldwell stumbled upon a corrupted frame. Usually the file would be trashed, but he saw the scramble of splotches as an opportunity to question the place of digital noise in contemporary photography. The resulting series, How to Survive Your Own Death , consists of different enlarged and enha nced pieces of that serendipitous file covered in wax. The 47-year-old’s pixilated pictures c a pt u re d t he at tent ion of Washington-based globe-trotting collector Omer Tuncata, an entrepreneur who was introduced to Caldwell by his art adviser, George Hemphill. “I’ll never forget the first time I saw that series,” Tuncata says. “What goes into creating one of Colby’s pieces parallels the self-determination I felt as a young professional in DC.” Tuncata, whose international collection includes work by DC’s Franz Jantzen and Jacob Kainen, has keenly followed Caldwell’s career and recently commissioned him to create a piece for his new home in Istanbul (he has art-filled residences in Chevy Chase, New York and Ankara, too). “Many photo-realist painters make their canvases look like photographs,” says Tuncata. “Colby makes a photograph look like an abstract painting.” Caldwell is quick to return the compliment: “Omer is very specific about what he sees and feels when looking at a work,” he explains. “He questions how my choices support my concepts and cares about the object-ness of what I do.” Patron Omer Tuncata (left) commissioned work by artist Colby Caldwell (right), who is based in St. Mary’s, Md., to install in Istanbul. December 2012 | | 101

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