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Susan Spiritus & Julie Sample If there’s a grande dame of fine art photography in Orange County, it’s Susan Spiritus. It’s a passion that she’s been sharing with collectors for decades at her namesake gallery in Newport Beach. She curates exhibitions focused on some of the world’s most prominent lensmen, including Ansel Adams, George Tice and Camille Seaman. But she’s also often credited with developing (pun intended) the local fine art photography scene — a nd her gallery remains the only one dedicated to the contemporary genre in Orange County. She’s known for showcasing creations by artists who work in a variety of formats, from traditional to digital to vintage; and also supports local photographers, including San Clemente-based Julie Sample, whose environmental portraits capture stunning natural subjects with a unique perspective, focusing on the more intimate components of larger scenes. She adds beauty and depth to her compositions by using the 19th century-era platinum print process. She says the rarit y and complexit y of the technique illuminates her subjects like no other. And the artist feels strongly about showing her work in the Spiritus Gallery: “Knowing that Susan clearly understands and passionately embraces various photography styles makes me feel highly confident that she can communicate my passion and love for platinum to collectors,” say s Sa mple. “It’s a lway s a great partnership for an artist if the gallery owner believes in your work.” From left: Susan Spiritus and Julie Sample shot on location at Susan Spiritus Gallery

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