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1 HOMEFRONT NOW! 1. Swarovski- studded antlers, at suzanfellman.com. 2. Triple Chain Drape Table, $2,360, at mothdesign.com. 3. Cayman trays studded with Swarovski crystals, $590, at shineeveryday.com. 2 Bling ItOn! New Turf Youwant a verdant swath of grass and just-so fl ower beds that can keep upwith—or beat—the Joneses, so you rely onchemical fertilizers and gas-guzzling, smog- contributingmowers and blowers.What’s an eco-minded garden lover to do? Michael Gould may have the answer: Th e founder ofWhisper Landscape Design launched his green garden biz last year. Th e pitch: Instead of using traditional gas-powered launch equipment, Whisper uses solar-charged electric mowers and blowers that are virtually silent. No pollution! No interrupted weekend naps! And the blowers are about as loud as a hairdryer. Th e products: Gould’s team relies solely on organic fertilizers and natural pesticide solutions. The price: “We’re competitive with traditional services. It may cost nominally more, but the environmental benefi ts are really exceptional.” Th e perk: Gardeners show up in Priuses! 818.933.1377, whisperlandscapemaintenance.com. 3 Recession have you packing away your gems and baubles? Hang on to those babies, ’cause they’re making a comeback. All that glitters is icy-hot right now in home décor. Suzan Fellman’s one- of-a-kind chandeliers are wrapped in jewel-motif Chanel scarves and then bedecked in vintage Cartier pearls and gold-plated handbag chains. And it doesn’t stop there: Fellman is also taking the sparkly stuff to antlers! Shannon Shapiro and Morgan Ross of Moth Design are also getting into the game with a just-launched collection of chain-bedecked occasional tables that add just the right dose of rocker glam to any pad. And Shine Home’s even got serving trays that come with their own cache of ice! –Amanda Gordon Nary Potter! Even if that newfound fi scal responsibility meant forgoing the South of France this season, there’s some serious retail therapy to be had at Contents, Ltd onMelrose. With the help of partner Stuart Lampert, antiques hound and owner Stephen Tomar has been scouring the globe for years to amass a 22-piece collection of ultra- rare St. Radegonde French pottery.Handmade exclusively for Paris’ Les Grand Magasins du Printemps for a brief stint (before World War II swept in), these sparkling blue ceramic confections off set by fondant- white accents run upwards of $4,500 a pop. “I think the artisans were inspired by what they loved about living near the South of France: the Mediterranean,” says Tomar, “and I know just looking at them makes me happy.” Can’t stop at window shopping? Indulge: Th ese will still shine long after that French Riviera suntan fades. 8268 Melrose Ave., L.A., 323.655.2700, contendsltd.com. –M.F. 28 | | Spring 2009

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