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OUTSIDE THE BOX Clockwise from top: The entire house features large glass doors that open onto patios like this courtyard area; the sleek master bathroom; architect Mark Silva and interior designer Anita Dawson. Mount Soledad that I thought was so cool,” says the architect, who has become San Diego’s go-to source for restoring classic midcentury modern houses to aesthetic splendor while incorporating new technologies and fi nishes. “I truly understand the lifestyle, and I’m trying to modernize the modern,” he adds. For the Beach House—named for its residents, not a nonexistent ocean view—Silva called on familiar touches, from the striking cantilevered roof to the warm, organic mix of wood and stone cladding. Set into the gently sloping site in steps, the airy home wraps around a 2,000-square-foot courtyard. An eye-catching gate with a substantial brass circle, fabricated by local artisan Zoran, serves as a front door while keeping the home’s visible spaces private from view. “I tend to lean a little Asian,” says Silva, who follows in the footsteps of midcentury modernists—admirers of Japanese design in particular. “Th e circle balances all the geometric angles.” Paved in a mix of fl agstone and acid-washed concrete, the ample courtyard features a built-in fi re pit, outdoor kitchen and plenty of seating. Large glass doors slide open to connect the interior rooms to the outdoors. “Th e glass is strategically located so that when you’re in the courtyard, you can see through the entire house to the best views of the mountains and city lights at night,” says Silva. Th e sun even sets through the opening of a jutting wing wall, which is wrapped in Sunny Beach, a sandstone veneer. Th e earthy color calls to mind the sandstone 71 RIVIER A M ARCH 2015

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